Brie stuffed chicken breast.

In case you have not poked around, I have three roommates, they are more than just roommates, we are a family, I was going to say great friends, but we are a family.

Aimee and I do most of the cooking, we love to cook and to be not modest… we are not too bad at it. Jill and Megan do cook on occasion, their abilities are becoming improved. Jill is trying hard to learn how to cook with out a recipe, this annoys her that we do this.

I tell her I picture the cooked item in my head and can taste it, so I know what I want to make with out needing a recipe. I know what works even if some things have not been combined together before. We, Jill and I like most the same foods, so teaching her is easier as I don’t run into a YUCK, lol.

She will challenge me with strange ingredient mixes to see what we can do with them. I think she has watched too much of that show Chopped…

Last night I showed her a very easy to do Chicken breast dinner. So as we did it, I pointed out how it could be changed in many ways  and still work.


We took the chicken breasts and put them in a freezer bag with a bit of olive oil.. I gave her the small cutting board and told her to smack it until it was flat. She said we could use a hammer… I said no hammers were for fixing computers…. Megan yelled out.. “I heard that”   eeeps

Jill said the chicken would break… no this is why we put in olive oil….. and some tarragon.. and thyme… so they would be smacked into the chicken too. A tiny splash of Worcestershire sauce as well, not a lot, I would use more in pork or beef. The olive oil would let it stretch.

So she hit it once and checked.. it didn’t break.

Now I said to hit it harder… I mean really…

So she did, and checked it once more.. it didn’t break and was flatter now… so she wanted to know when to stop.. I said when it is as thick as your little finger.

Bang, whap smack.. she was starting to like making flat food… and amazingly enough we had a much bigger, but thinner chicken breast.. so she did the next one too. chicken-breasts-pounded

She wanted to know why we smacked the chicken flat.

I said we were going to stuff it.

We could have stuffed it when it was not flat by cutting a slit in it, but I wanted to do it this way.

I told her we could do the same with a pork chop or steak.. but like the chicken breast.. they had to be boneless.

So out came the brie. and we put dollops over the chicken. brie

but wait.. we were not done yet.

We took out mushrooms, chopped them and put butter in a pan.. sauteed the mushrooms until they were tender.

Aimee wandered in and chopped up some green and red bell peppers.. they quickly went into the sauce. She left a bottle of wine with us that she and Megan seemed to be “testing”…

Then some of the mushrooms, not all, went onto the chicken, the rest we left in the pan.. with a splash of the white wine and some salt and pepper.. we cooked it more then added a bit of cream. OH… The mushrooms were tipple washed so of course.. we washed them.. I mean you do know what they grow in right? White-Mushrooms

Each chicken breast was folded over and a tooth pick held it closed, We took all the sauce and mushrooms out of the pan, added new butter and seared the chicken. Then the sauce was put back into the pan and we left it simmering for a bit. Because the chicken was so thin, it would cook quickly. She pointed out that we put a lot of brie in and it was going to leak out a bit.. I nodded, that was the plan. It would flavour the sauce.

Wild rice was bubbling slowly on a back burner. A pot of baby spinach from our garden was ready to steam, as it only takes a moment.

So the questions started, can we use other cheese.. hmmm yup, cream cheese is nice and we could put dollops of it in the sauce too, it melts and becomes very tasty…

Cheddar? hmmm we could but it would be a stronger taste and cover or overpower the chicken and mushrooms… so we would not taste them.

Feta… omg yes.. I love feta. With beef it would be great as it is as stronger salty taste… 

Red wine, yes but then everything would be pink… or greyish and would not look so yummy.

Fish… hmmm yes, with sole this would be great, but maybe not so much pounding as the fish is more fragile. The cheese would need to be mild too as fish is easy to overpower. But we could stuff it with avocado… or asparagus…  

This could be done with the chicken as well, a mixture of asparagus and brie.. or avocado and brie would be yummy.

What other cheeses?.. Havarti would be nice, Monterrey Jack, maybe Parmesan but that is strong. Mozzarella would be good, but it is not a strong taste. Some dill would be good too, fresh dill is a nice flavour to add. Fresh-Dill-iStock

Garlic would be good, roasted better as it is not overpowering. roasted-garlic-520 Roasting garlic takes the harshness out of it and it sweetens a bit. Vidalia  onions would be great they are quite sweet. We love those. Leeks too would be good. They are growing in our garden too, but they are very tiny still. 

So the meal cooked very quickly, cooking doesn’t have to take hours. Jill served it and announced look what we cooked… lol.. but she did! Yay Jill. 



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. It was fantastic too! Good Job Jill! 😉

  2. I know. I am a gourmet chef now. I let Amber help a bit, you know, to keep her happy.

  3. Terrific, what are we having tonight?

  4. What did you smack the chicken breasts with? Your fists? Not a hammer or mallet? (I do not own a tenderizer mallet … so when I have to have thin chicken fillets I actually do use a hammer and whap it with the side of the hammer so it does not make holes in it!)

    But anyway …

    Goooooooo Jill !!! Woohoo. *psst, tell them Amber was YOUR assistant* …hehe

  5. You girls are so fancy! That sounds really delicious and gourmet! Here’s how I cook chicken breast-
    1. Turn on the oven
    2. Line a tray with baking paper
    3. Place the chicken onto the tray and put it in the oven
    4. Bake the life out of it until it no longer resembles chicken.
    5. Take it out of the oven, put it on a plate and drench it in tomato sauce (ketchup)
    6. Serve with salad and try to enjoy it 🙂


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