The perfect Hamburger

ooooooh, that is an ambitious title. 


We are having an “at home” weekend to catch up on things. So we had one of our fun Friday dinners, where we all add things.

Ok, so from the title I gather you have deduced what we cooked… 


They were very yummy too.  eeeeeps that wasn’t what we made though… omg that is big. lol… phone 911


So what makes a hamburger perfect?

Lots of things, and that is what we added. 

We started with lean ground beef. 

I added an egg yolk to it, not the white, the white makes it tough, the yolk is like a glue for the other ingredients and adds some flavour.

Aimee started frying 4 strips of bacon, it was a nice smoked bacon.

I opened a bottle of red wine….  uhm…  not for the hamburgers though. 153

I washed some new potatoes three-potatoes and fry cut them… and into the deep fryer they went…. Yay french fries. mmmmm.. leave the skin on!

Jill was fine chopping some mushrooms and Megan was grating a cheddar that had jalapenos in it. She said they are not hot. Or.. she would not eat it, lol.

I toasted a few slices of bread and let them sit in the toaster when they popped to dry out.

Then some Worcestershire sauce was dashed into the meat, salt and pepper, the cheese and a handful of fresh oregano.

Aimee took the bacon out of the pan before it was crisp and let it cool, the mushrooms were tossed in to sizzle away in the bacon fat.. yes a very healthy meal, lol.

When the bacon cooled it was chopped small and tossed in the meat, I refilled the glasses that seemed empty, Aimee added a bit of wine to the mixture. Meg tossed in a few cloves of chopped garlic.

The toast was chopped fine and added as well along with the now cooked mushrooms. 

Jill mixed it all up, she did a good job as she is now a “gourmet” cook. 😉 She formed them into patties, packing them tight and flattening them. We like them thin so they cook evenly.

We were going to bbq them, but looking at the pan that had the bacon fat and now some mushroom flavour… it was a no brainier.. in they went. Some Montreal steak spice was sprinkled on top. We like that. The name is good too. 

Megan took a couple of avocados and made guacamole, that is great on burgers. wait.. Meg knows how to cook… hmmmm. 

Jill chopped some sweet  onions while I picked some yellow cherry tomatoes from the garden, 6a00d83451b71f69e2013482cae80e970c-800wi mmmmm they are so great! Some leaf lettuce too.

They were chopped up ready as a garnish. 

The burgers were cooked until they hit 140 and then the pan was removed from the heat, they continue to cook but will not over cook now, after a minute or two they were placed on a plate to rest, where they continue to cook. Remove meat before it hits “cooked” temperatures to avoid overcooking as the fat molecules are vibrating and continue to cook the meat even when removed from the heat. This is also why you let meat rest, if you cut into it right way the juices leak out as they are still in an excited state. If you allow them to “calm” the meat is juicy. 

You need good buns too, we made some great ones that were pulled from the freezer, not those cardboard ones that are packed eight to a bag… why eight?

Each burger was a three napkin burger…. lol, they were juicy. mmmmm


french-fries the fries were great too. 




About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Now I am craving a juicy hamburger. Hmmmmm, and is lunch time in just a lil bit too. 🙂

  2. idrinkforaliving

    On a gourmet burger kick right now. Thank you for posting this. Will definitely be incorporating egg yolk the next time!

  3. now I am hungry… but it is too early for a burger… (not necessarily by the clock but I am only just finishing my first coffee)… perhaps I’ll go rummage through the cupboards… 🙂

  4. Sounds delicious! Next time add some pineapple, it’s great on burgers!

  5. For the first time in two weeks…I am actually hungry. Thanks Amber!


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