Go Teal

I would change my blog to teal this month… but most my posts are teal already. 

Why change this month?



Cancer sucks, it sucks the life out of you in so many ways. I hate typing that word.

really really hate it.

I suppose if this is a post about awareness I should now tell you things, things to watch for. 

I am not going to.

Perhaps then you will google it and then learn more. (you should, you should be aware)

Instead I am going to hit upon more tips/thoughts on how to help. The Support part.

What I see all the time is how hard it is to eat. To keep up strength. To fight fatigue so you can do battle with this terrible thing during treatment. During your fight.

The body needs food to fight, it is that simple, but the treatments make the thought of food a terrible thing, eating is not a chore, not a battle, it is just forgotten. I will eat tomorrow perhaps… if I can.

How can you be blamed when you feel so terrible?

When you do manage to eat though, choosing foods is soooo important, your calorie intake is so low, body reserves are quickly drained. Fatigue becomes stronger. Strength wanes. 

I know, this is like nagging, but when you sit on the side, holding hands you want to do more. You want to share strength, to take the load, to hug and make it go away. 

if only.

But being firm instead. Strong, nagging even…. sharing strength and love.

so, diet… 

Eat more fiber, eat less fiber, drink more, drink less. The internet is full of tips, conflicting tips. 

So what to do?

There are other troubles, tastes change. Even water can taste horrible. Favorite foods, become blech. 

Use sauces to spice food up, add some soy, ketchup, bbq sauce.. things to add more flavour. Try foods that you normally don’t like, your tastes have changed, maybe these foods will be ok now.

So for each person the advice varies. Eat what you can, this is true, but try to pick, of the foods that you feel you can eat, the foods with the highest protein levels. But not just protein is missing from your diet.

Add protein supplements to your foods or chew on the tasteless tablets. Perhaps you can keep these down.

Eat fruit, yes there is not much protein there, but there is good source sugar, fiber, vitamins and minerals, yes you need these too. Fruit gives you bursts of energy, almost right away, they can help you to feel better. Avoid acidic fruits.

Salt. what? with a very low intake of food, the body may need more sodium, potassium  too. Bananas. Vitamin tablets.

some more tips

Foods that are cold are easier to eat. They have less aroma, smells can cause you to.. well cold food won’t as much. Try to sit up after eating, nausea strikes more when lying down. 

Immediately after a treatment, when nausea is strongest, crackers may be the easiest… so get someone to make some for you, or make some before a treatment.. yes from scratch, crackers with more in them. They are very easy to make, you can sneak in some extra calories. Some protein supplements. 

Suck on candies. this keeps saliva flowing, helping with dry mouth and stimulates appetite. It also helps keep that bad taste away, mints to freshen things up. licorice… 😉  does it come in purple?

Watch TV whilst eating, so you can eat slowly, perhaps a bit more as you are distracted, sitting at the table watching food just sit there, it is harder to do.

One that is often overlooked, that taste change you go through, metallic things taste worse, a fork or spoon in your mouth is often more offensive than the food, use plastic. 🙂 it is a good trick.




About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Support, I like that. Sucking on ice cubes that perhaps have some mint in them?

    Teal is nice, but so is green. 🙂

  2. My aunt said ginger helped her a lot, she even made tea with it. She chopped it into almost everything. I bet if she thought of it, she would have added it to ice cubes. 🙂

    Green is nice. Can you have green hugs?


  3. Hey how do you make it green? Oh I know…. Ambers make this green please 🙂

    dul glas.

    Support, yes. For friends of friends, and friends too. Is breá.

    Lots of that.

    Fan Láidir.

    Troid agus buaigh!

  4. Yay Teal!! Add some love, hugs and support from me too!!

    Have you heard of IV nutrient Therapy? It is not for all patients but when appetite is low and vitamins are inadequate, this therapy provides essential vitamins. I was informed by someone close to me, who attended a nutritional conference to help cancer patients deal with treatment, that this new therapy helps by injecting vitamin C,B and other vitamins into the system to help with cell renewal. Esp. Vitamin C which is needed when the body is down and out.

    • I passed that along to someone special, in case she missed it, it is a grand idea. Thank you. 🙂

    • Thank you … I got this from both you and Amber. I appreciate it. I spoke briefly with someone yesterday on this. (I will inquire more later too.) I did find out that there is something called a Vitamin C IV…a high dose vitamin c thingy.

      At any rate … I could tell they were not real excited about it … but I will find out more.

      And .. I got your email too…thank you. I will try to get to it…


  5. Please make me Teal or Green Love and hugs and heart felt thoughts to everyone we know who is suffering from this insidious disease. Thank you for being such a support Amber to everyone who suffers from physical or mental health. Your kindness, understanding and knowledge shine through all your posts *hugs* to a very special lady. xx

  6. *huggggs* … *gentle smiles*

    These are good tips for people … especially on keeping things cold…like Ensure. It has a lot of good things in it for you … and cold is not so bad.

    But the plastic fork and spoon thing..that is a simple one…ack … no one told me. Now I think of it is seems so common sense.

    *note to self* – buy plastic utensils …. nod nods.

    And … the teal … you are always teal *smiles* … always supportive. Thank you Amber.

    And oh … the green works too *smiles*

    Did I do the colour right? 🙂


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