Shout for Help!

There are months, days, weeks… that are designated as awareness days for things. This is good as media often covers this and makes awareness grow. It is good to be aware. To be able to help, to help.

There are so many though, it becomes less effective. The awareness days overlap each other.

Each one is very important of course. Today is no different.

Today is world suicide prevention day.

This is confusing as every day should be suicide prevention day. But to bring awareness to this is a good thing.

After all, it is a life that is saved.

It is not as easy though as it sounds. So many consider taking their life, and do so quietly. We don’t see the signs often, unless they want us to.

Sometimes the signs are very clear, but we still do not see them.


Living with the thought though, that the signs were quite clear and we missed them is difficult. To know that someone reached out and we missed it is hard. Even if you are only in your teens, to live with this, becomes a difficult memory. Sure we are young, yes we really don’t know much about what signs would look like, but still, we have to live with that memory, the thought that perhaps we could have helped. I live with this.

I have helped since then though, this changed my life. It changed my major, my direction in life. I did not want others to reach out and not be seen. 

Since then I have intervened. Twice directly, during attempts. Those memories are very powerful as well. One particularly so. 

I have also intervened after seeing signs. I have been on watches, I will continue to do this, to be aware. I have done the hated thing, to commit someone for evaluation against their will. Not just once. You are hated for a while, for doing this, many times though, later you are loved. It is not the time for hesitation though, to make that decision. It is a life that you can save.

Is it selfish to say, don’t do this to someone, don’t make them live with this? The thought that they could have prevented you from making that final decision? 

Perhaps it is. I am going to anyway. Don’t make someone live with this, ask for help.

It is often the first step. Asking for help, loudly and clearly, not with signs. The first step in clearing your foggy mind, removing that torment. You don’t see this, but it is true. This can be the time when your life can change, you can feel better, enjoy life again. To reach out and shout help, not a whisper, not a little waving of your hands, but a loud shout.

Let someone help.

Sometimes the signs are more clear, someone will reach out for help. I wish everyone would, the torment in your mind when that urge becomes so strong is not forever, but what happens is. Most often though, they do not reach out, not in a clear way. Sometimes they do and they are dismissed. This is sad. So perhaps having awareness days can help us realize this, so we can help instead of dismissing. 


What I would like to say, is that if your path is looking so twisted, so cloudy and tormented. There are no other paths that you can see. This is when you need to reach out. We don’t see other paths but they are there. You don’t believe that though, you fight alone and may lose. 

Never fight alone.

There are suicide prevention hot lines, numbers to call. There is another number though, when that feeling is so strong, it is easy to dial, but hard too. It is 911.

So simple, dial 911 and be honest.

Let others help, they will. 

Yes it may be hard, you may be hospitalized for a few days, or more.


 It is a great step to regaining your mind, so you can see the other paths that are there, that are foggy. That little phone call is a huge step. Take it.

Wait, you have done this before, gone to the hospital because you know that feeling is strong and they didn’t help.

but they did, you are still here.

Yes, maybe you are feeling this way again. So call 911 and let someone help again. Please?

Family and friends are often the most able to see the signs that someone may be suicidal. They are the ones that dismiss it often as well.

Here are a few to watch for, just to make you more aware, Tis but a few though. 

  • The most obvious is when they say life is not worth living in some form or another.
  • Reference may be made to not being there in the future.
  • Phrases like, you would be better with out me, you will be sorry when I am no longer here.
  • Giving away prized items, or putting affairs in order.
  • Strong depression.
  • Not exhibiting pleasure at activities that normally were favorite things do do.

There are so many more though. Often though, there may be none as the person will hide this and present a happy face. 

I wish everyone just came out and was clear, said their urges are strong… HELP.

Please do that, just say HELP.

Everyday is Suicide Prevention Day!



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

9 responses »

  1. What a wonderful post. Thank you amber. *Soft hugs*

  2. I stand with you on this.

    Great post.

  3. ramblingsfromamum

    An excellent post sweet, how sad it is that those can struggle so much and be at the brink of closing their lives, unaware that if they call out they may be rescued. xx

  4. Thanks for posting this. I was suicidal badly when I was 21 in 2007. Fortunately I didn’t have the diagnosis I have now (BPD) back then or I’d be seen as attention-seeking. It was good at the time that the police and mental health workers intervened. I had pretty Obvious signs for a while but was still not taken seriously until I made a concrete threat.

    • There is a terrible stigma attached to BPD, it gets in the way of treatment and caring. I am glad someone intervened on your behalf. It is a hard thing to do sometimes, usually not welcome… emotions are so powerful at the time, and later too, when you see a smile and a thank you. How are you now?



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