Haiku two

Well what the heck, lets see if I can do it again. Perhaps a few times.

Haiku the sequel. version two.. or yet again.

But the topic I will not state, lets see if it can be guessed.

a clue, one word, four syllables, three haiku’s, three clues.


My Strength presented,
like a rock, made of, jello
Inside, turmoil.


Eupnea, if only
Serenity… I wish
Logic! If only


Introspection… ha
Elucidation fuzzy
what if radiates



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

7 responses »

  1. I don’t know what to say Amber cuz I just can’t get how to write one 😦 I have tried and failed miserably so maybe you can teach me…

  2. These are cool but I have no idea what the topic is. Maybe I need to wake up a bit more! 🙂

  3. Erm – Indecisive? Indecision? I do like a good Haiku 🙂 Probably wrong in my assumption though. Well done regardless of my answer lol xx

  4. oh me think me got it now…… bless ya (for a special lady we know) xxx


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