I was going to flip a coin.

To decide which topic to spew words at tonight.

I was sort of warned not to do so with one topic, this was probably good advice.

Funny thing about advice, we often do not listen to it.

oh well here goes….


Start small lol, then finish with a bang.

Jeans. They are in the news once again. 

Do you wash your jeans?

Did you re read that to see if you read it correctly?

wash jeans, I mean you wear them.. so do you wash them?

The jean companies are saying you shouldn’t.



Well one major jean manufacturer says perhaps only once a month…. 

ok, then I will only wear them.. once a month.


In the news a while ago a student at the UofA wore the same jeans for 15 months without washing them.

His claim was the bacteria levels were the same after 15 months as they were after 13 days… gasps and blech again.

13 days?

15 months?

So this is to obtain the desired look, that special creasing, fading.. that can only be achieved if they are not washed, washing makes the colour uniform.


blue right? that is wrong?

some things just make you go


Another thing is making me go huh right now.

I don’t pretend to understand politics, especially in other countries. 

We shouldn’t, perhaps, voice concerns or criticisms of politics in other countries, after all, they really are not our business.

or are they?

hmmmm, tis a global economy. Events in one country can cause waves in other countries.

tidal waves.

When political gamesmanship has the possibility of causing a global recession, or even depression in a severely weakened economy … then perhaps it is my business. It will be my business when more lives are ruined, more families are disrupted and more people need special help, not financial, not even simple things like food.. but to have minds restored. Then it becomes my business.

I don’t want that business.

I may be reaching here a bit, I really only have a slight comprehension of what is transpiring now.

Sao_Paulo_Stock_Exchange (Small)

The way I see it, is there are two people butting heads, neither wants to blink, neither wants to admit the other has good ideas. In politics it seems, if your party did not have the idea, then it is not a good idea.

So neither blinks and the world waits.

neither listens, neither allows.. neither bends.

I am not judging, I don’t know who is right, I suspect both are.

But whilst they sit there, not blinking.. and the world waits.. it is not just their country that may suffer.

It is a global economy.




About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Look at you getting topical – love it though I will leave the politics alone, it does my head in.
    😦 Jeans hmm… we don’t have advice that says don’t wash. We have wash with dark colours in case they run (possibly from the washing machine as they know they don’t want to get wet) yes that was lame. I was mine on an average every 4 wears (mybad) If they get dirty – you wash them, if they get too baggy – you wash them. *blink* xxx

  2. Ok….i wash my jeans every three or so times i wear them… that is in general of course!…..*gglz*… i agree with ramblings!… for the politics…you are so very much right on……*nods lots*….there are some root cause reasons but that doesn’t diminish the incredibly salient point you made: ” In politics it seems, if your party did not have the idea, then it is not a good idea”…..sadly, that is where we are….the extremists are winning!…..*tosses hands*……

  3. Jeans sort of fit better after a wash. Too much time without washing makes them icky and saggy!

  4. I am not going to comment on politics…to me it’s like being in highschool all over again – except the “populars” are older men. Mind boggling.

    I wash my jeans once a week…because I only ever put clothes on if I’m leaving my house and only for a few hours at a time. I only wash them so that they will get tighter again…does that make me gross? 🙂

    Missed you Amber dearest.


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