Finishing off the garden.

We had a stay at home weekend, after being away almost every weekend this summer… it was like a vacation. We even watched a movie on the TV… blech… they put snakes on a plane?  Why? I don’t like snakes, but it was fun to watch the movie, we jumped a lot.. and I have only had one nightmare so far… blech, snakes.

Today we dug up our garden, the season is over, most of the veggies were already harvested, but there were onions and potatoes hiding, so we went hunting.

Potatoes and onions from the garden are dirty…. I am just tossing that out there, lol.

I mean really dirty.

Our leeks were a disappointment, the leek fairy must have taken them somewhere else (insert very sad face here) I had hopes for those leeks and they were doing so great.

So finding our hidden veggies today was fun, you poke in the shovel and turn over the earth and presto.. food woo hoo. lol.

We had lots of red skinned potatoes. I love those.  We cooked some for dinner. Lots and lots of them. Why?   well read on to see….


We found lots of potatoes, some were a good size, some were quite tiny, even pea sized.. but we kept them all. Tonight we cooked the tiniest ones. Lots and lots of them. OMG, they were soooooo yummy.

We baked chicken thighs, we stuffed them and coated them with a spiced bread crumb coating. mmmmmm again.

but the pears were amazing… what pears? oh, I didn’t tell you about the pears. hmmmm. We sort of poached them.

I cut pears in half and took out the tiny core. Then arranged them in a glass baking pan. Sprinkled them with cinnamon and a pinch of salt… then a sprinkle of flour.. then a heavy coating of brown sugar… more cinnamon and some nutmeg… then some tiny bits of butter to cover the pears. Aimee poured an oaky white wine in the pan, just enough to cover the bottom, she said oaky would taste better.  (she is always right)  As they baked we would pull them out and baste them with the juice, wine and sugar that was forming in the pan… it was turning into a wine caramel. Cinnamon smells were filling the house. 

When we took them out they were covered with caramel…. but it was the most fantastic caramel… mmmmmm

We made a Cesar salad. We moaned a lot, Dinner was… well, it was sooo great, but then the pears…  WOW.

now… when is spring?



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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Ok why no photos of your veggie garden? Sounds like you had fun apart from the snake nightmare – I’ve seen that movie…oh dear C grade at best wasn’t it. We have Spring – 32C yesterday today 16 and raining… Melbourne what can I say. I’m also sorry your leeks were a disappointment 😉 xx


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