What to do on a rainy day…… cooooook

A rainy day at home,  what to do… play in the kitchen. Yay. 

We knew we were cooking a ham tonight, we like to boil them, it cuts down on the salt and the flavour in the ham is just so fantastic and moist. The broth that is left over is great for soup. But (points out I started with but) each ham is different, some broths are salty, so you may have to cut it with something else.

Knowing we would have a lot of ham left over, we thought of making a bread that would be amazing to use for sandwiches. I think we did it. 

Aimee has been wanting to try this for a while, to use wine in the bread instead of water… 

So, we did it!

Only half of the water was changed with wine, we were worried the yeast would not grow in the wine if we removed all the water. Alcohol kills yeast. 
Aimee picked a big red. Knowing the bread was going to be savory we decided to make it an onion loaf. So I chopped up two red onions and browned them. I wanted them to be a strong flavour, so a deep browning, not just sauteed.  We added basil and thyme too. We made it a whole wheat with bran added and crusted it with bran. 

how was it? 



We made four whole wheat french loaves as well, just in case. That will last us for a while. But the wine/onion bread was magnificent. 

We had the ham tonight, it was perfect. We haven’t had ham for a while, this one was a good one. mmmmmm. 

With the broth left over we made a minestrone  soup. The large tin of crushed tomatoes was perfect with the ham broth, We didn’t use all of it, as it would be salty, but it made a great soup. Peppers, oregano and basil, pepper, pasta, chopped red onions, and green peppers, white kidney beans… mmmmm. (it is hard not to eat it all now) oh and some Parmesan cheese, that makes it.  

The highlight of the day though was sneaky.

I made two dozen cinnamon sticky buns. We don’t have two dozen left. 00-bacon-cinnamon-roll sneaky room mates gobbled them up… I helped though. 🙂

It is no wonder.

They rose and puffed, the smell as they baked filled the house. We took some over to our neighbours, they smiled so nice. Who goes ewe, I don’t like those. lol.

Aimee said we are going to get fat. eeeeeeps 



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. I so snickered at the BUT – my mouth was watering (and I have just cooked a bacon and egg brecky for mum and Pop) The onion bread does sound amazing – what clever girls you lot are. So much fun to have your friends in on the act..problem is if I was there the big red probably wouldn’t have gone into the bread! The cinnamon buns look yum but 😉 xx

  2. Oh my gosh…..what a delicious meal…..and then the sticky buns…well, i haven’t had those in a long time……but i admit would be very hard not to have one…..(or two!)……oh darn, those roommates have eaten them all already!……*makes a sad face*……oh wells…perhaps next time!

  3. I have a sweet tooth so send one of those cinnamon buns down to me! 😀


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