tears fell from the sky

matching the tears below

a rainy day…

inside and out

a day of remorse

a day not wanted

a family grouped together

but one is missing

she is lying over there…

quietly waiting

a sad day

how do you explain

what she went through?

how do you comfort them?

you don’t

you can’t

a terrible day

fifteen years.. ended


this is when I again ask


don’t make terrible days

don’t make sad days

don’t make days unwanted

you see…

as terrible as thing are…

as tormented as you feel…

as hopeless as it seems….

there is hope

there is.

you may have to fight

because tomorrow may be the day

the day you see that things are ok

not great.. 

but ok

ok is a start

tears (Small)


please fight

let someone in

let someone help

don’t fight alone





About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

8 responses »

  1. So sad, heartbreaking. Beautiful words Amber, in a time of loss.. Fight is the only way back for those who need to be heard.

  2. Sends the most gentle of *hugs*. Let’s my heartfelt thoughts say the rest.

  3. I am sending you hugs from across the seas my darling…a poignant write my darling….more hugs xxx


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