Remember, for if we don’t.. it happens again.. and again.

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day… of the eleventh month.

A day of memories.

so why?

The first war.. to end all wars.. Ended. This took effect on the eleventh day, of the eleventh month in 1918, the ending of this terrible war.

That was quite some time ago. This war to end all wars. A global conflict that took so many lives. 

So what happened?

Perhaps I am too young, to naive. To understand how a war could be fought. 

But they continue…………………


Disagreements? religion? oil? money? borders? race?


There are no winners in a war. none.

We can not, as a people, let a tyrant rule a country.. and practice genocide.

who are we, though, to decide when this happens? Who are we to say, lets step into this other countries affairs? 

In this world it is easier to determine, but how does it start? How does someone that governs a country… do this?

oh, I know, these questions have been asked a multitude of times.

Our Remembrance day, our day of honoring those who have served, brings them to light. These memories, because these memories are important.

But not just those who have served please, but those who have lost too, the Mothers and Fathers, Brothers and Sisters, Aunts and Uncles.. cousins.. friends. The person down the street that knows the family.. the student that perhaps one day may have been taught by the person, who is now lost.

Maybe a world leader, or a pharmacist who discovers that script will conflict with someones meds.. will never return, never do this…. never rule a country, never save a life…

so many are gone, how would the world be different if they were all still here, all still getting along?

It is not just IED’s that are a new terrible word. I know this is going to be a conflict, but those that have set these terrible things… how would you feel if people were in your country? How would you react? How do you make an overwhelming force leave? I am not saying this is right, not at all. Please, life is precious to me, I have felt it leave a person. Perhaps no one is right, both are wrong. People reacting differently, not understood, no one is giving, no one is trying. We have to give a little, we have to be flexible. 

I don’t understand why we can not get along. I truly can’t.

Remembrance days.. when as a school we all troop out in the cold and it seems always rainy days, to stand at a monument, a cenotaph, where some nice old people and groups of scouts, and the school, will stand quietly and place reefs, trumpets play and we are silent. We just go, it is a thing we do… but now… it seems different. 

Now when we stand quietly, the person beside us is crying, the little child is clinging quietly. We know them and are clinging too, and we discover tears are also slipping down our cheeks.

It is different now.

it is back stronger, memories are now first hand, not shared through others.

it is wrong.

A war to end all wars was fought, so many gave so much.. and for what? If it was not the war to end all wars? Why did they have to give so much? what did we as a world learn?




About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Please don’t give up hope Amber. In history, it seems there have been so many “wars to end all wars” I am afraid. And with a planet of more than 7 billion people and 195 or 196 countries with varying traditions, cultures, religions and politics, well, perhaps as it works out we are more fortunate than we might otherwise be. The sad reality is that the landscape of world history is littered with tyrants, dictators and others that very much wished to enslave and impose their will on the rest of us.

    So what have we learned? We have learned that there is unmistakable evil in the world, that being ignorant of history allows it to repeat itself and that it is the responsibiliy of all the world’s free societies to band together and remain ever vigilant in defense of freedom and liberty.

    On this day most especially, my heart grieves for those that have lost a loved one in the service of their country. One day, maybe, just maybe, there will no longer be a need for such powerful military forces here on earth. But until then, I know I go to bed at night so very thankful that there are those that stand for the causes of freedom and liberty, protecting the rest of us and our way of life.

  2. This is why we need to remember, always, so that possibly, a little boy will not call out daddy and not be answered.

    *hugs* Thank you for the reply.


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