Barley Soup


It sticks to your tummy and makes you smile.

I can’t go far from the encampment in the living room before the bell rings… I am not sure where Aimee got that bell but… oh well… So it is a cooking day for me. That darn bell sure seems to ring a lot though….

I did have a Doctor over today and she gave them antibiotics and vitamin D and vitamin C shots. That will straighten them out. I didn’t want to bundle them up and take them out, it is cold and windy… and I knew they would not go, so I snuck in a Doctor,  they couldn’t exactly say they were not feeling sick when she arrived, all covered in their blankies ringing that darn bell... So She didn’t have to insist much. High five to me. 🙂

I am making a tomato veggie juice, sort of like V8 but it is more like V15 and tastes so much better. French bran bread and beef barley soup.

Can you smell the kitchen?

I think I will make some cookies too. I don’t know what kind yet.


I don’t measure when making soups, so each one is different. The basics are the same though, I take some barley, about a 3/4 to a cup or so I think and put it in a strainer to rinse it off under the tap.

Then into a pot of water that covers it by about double, I know I will have to add water often, sort of like cooking risotto. It is also a time to layer flavours. This makes soups better.

 I will let the barley simmer  for a while on a very low heat setting. I added a bit of onion too, and some red wine, well quite a bit of it and a grated carrot and about the same amount of turnip, also grated, to give the barley and broth some flavour.

This will simmer most of the afternoon until the barley is tender, so I need to add water often. I will also toss in some Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce and steak sauce, not much, just enough to sneak in more flavour. Celery chopped will find its way in, maybe a few more carrot slices but not grated. 

I will add some red potatoes too, with the skin on, when the barley is getting close to being cooked.

Later  some more onion, chopped, and then I will brown it, I mean really brown it, to add a lot of flavour to it, then sear the small cubes of lightly floured and seasoned stewing beef.

Our stewing beef is amazing. Jill goes up to the butcher and asks for it. I think he has a crush on her as he gives her such amazing stewing beef. It is sooo tender.

The beef and onions will be added to the soup when the barley is cooked, I don’t want to boil the meat too long. Then I will add lots of chopped parsley, I also have some fresh dill, I am adding some of that too and some frozen corn that we cut off the cobs during the summer. shhhh maybe a pat of butter too as it really makes the broth great.  Just as the beef finishes searing I will add a bunch of chopped garlic cloves, four or so and toss it in the soup, simmer for just a few more minutes, then turn it off as the heat will cook the meat through quickly without making it tough. 

This is when frozen peas and the corn will find their way into the pot. This adds some nice colour and the peas are great if not over cooked.

Between tea runs and pillow fluffing the soup is now cooked and is just so amazing. I am finishing off the juice and the bread is almost ready to go into the oven. Did I mention I am tired? Oh, I found a broken bell in the living room when everyone was sleeping, darn it was such a pretty bell…. well it still looks nice but the dangly thing is missing. woo hoo. 😉

I have noses in the living room twitching though and haven’t even started the cookies. I decided on oatmeal with coconut and cinnamon, maybe some raisins too…. unless I can find some dried cranberries. mmmmm.



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Oh my word that soup sounds delicious. I would love some barley soup without the beef though, hmmm then again, can’t have barley, so maybe quinoa, yum!
    Some cookies and fresh bread, definitely. Hmmm, saved by the broken bell… Me thinks you need to put your feet up and have some of that soup, followed by a cookie and a pillow of your own to rest your weary head down.

    Oh Amber, if you do hear from Katie or about her, please let me know. I don’t like the feeling I have.
    *hugs back tighter*

    • I have had that feeling for a couple of months. sighs.

      I looked at the quinoa when I was searching for the barley and almost used it, I will next time. I thought of you and Katie when I saw it, we haven’t had it for a while.


  2. Bells – time to snatch it of Aimee I think ~ smiles
    like MM ~ how certain words bring us thoughts of our Katie…
    we all miss her terribly. xxx


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