Ramblings of Christmas Memories Traditions and general other things to make for a very long title, perhaps I should have called it Generic Ramblings… or how long can a post title really be before Word Press freaks out.

As Christmas approaches, yes it is coming, closer each day, many though dread not just the arrival but the entire season. 

Christmas can be treasured traditions, fond memories, grand reunions or a morbid time alone.

Christmas can be a huge financial hurdle also, and if you don’t attempt the jump, guilt plagues your every moment. So we spend and spend with the hopes our gifts will be appreciated. 

If the people we were giving them to however, knew it was going to cause us financial distress they would not be pleased, well some of them would, some just sort of don’t care. Perhaps though, these people are not “gift” worthy. 

When the holiday becomes something that we know will burden us with stress, anxiety and depression because we can not afford to pass along gifts, we need to re think things. Yes others may grant us with gifts that are costly, so we feel the need to match them as closely as we can. We need to stop doing this. But how?


Honesty can help, a quiet conversation or email, explaining how you are going to cut back, maybe even stop gifting, the burden, this year just can not be met. Tell them early so they can also cut back, (perhaps there will be a sigh of relief from them also) so there will not be guilt. Instead have a get together if possible, a nice meal where each party can bring a part of the dinner, or a day together, where snacks are also jointly brought. Add a cookie exchange to the mix, tis nice to have Christmas baking that others made. It can be a very fun day with lots of great memories. Instead of a financial drain that both parties dread. Gifts can be small and it really is the thought that counts, not the dollar sign. Yes it can be harder with children. Still though, there are many ways to get great gifts that are not the cost of a small car… 

Christmas is tradition, we often do the same things over and over, the decorations we have had for years are carefully placed, we smile as they trigger memories from the past (funny how memories are from the past…  ok I felt silly) We put the tree in the same place, often because it just looks good there. Cook the same meals, panic if something is forgotten. Hang mistletoe with grins.

The tradition is important, to awaken some memories so we can smile. Tis nice too, if we introduce new memories. Have someone different over for our Christmas meal perhaps. Try putting decorations up in a different way, even if they looked so nice the other way last year. Hang more mistletoe…

Maybe change the big meal a bit, or completely. To make it fun and memorable, perhaps a fondue where there is more diner activity, and giggling.

Introduce a new tradition, something simple, a hot Chocolate made with care, Christmas Eve.. or morning even.

We have all the Christmas movies and shows to watch too, We watch them over and over each year, we look forward to them too. Of course as we sit in a group watching the movie we start calling out the next line.. or going oh oh, he is going to fall through the floor again. We clap our cheeks and scream at the same time he does and then giggle together… ok so we like some of the movies and watch them more than once each year. 

I still wonder why one of my favorites has not been remade, I mean there has been so many versions of A Christmas Carol. Even with ducks… but not with Rudolph. What is up with that? I would love to see a great new version of this, animated or not. Come on already.  (see how I snuck in a rant?)

Animated movies have come along so much in the past few years. We gasp at the quality of the graphics and get caught up in it so quickly that it doesn’t seem animated anymore. Movies like Brave or Tangled, they are so beautiful to watch. Ok so they are not Christmas movies, I just wanted to sneak in something else. It is my blog after all and if I want to be sneaky I will. Hang on I am giggling now.

My roommates like the cartoon movie Tangled, they for some reason renamed Rapunzel. *grumbles* no that is not what they renamed her. sheish. I think it is a plot of some sort. They claim she reminds them of someone. 

Brave reminds me of someone too, so I love that movie but I am sad when I watch it. She has an Irish accent and loved the movie. So that movie is special to me now.

Now I need a title for this blog, as I have rambled all over the place it will be a dilemma as to what to call it. hmmm, well I will get back to that. It will have to be something creative I think. hmmmm

Christmas alone though, is not something so great. If we know someone that is alone this Christmas, tis nice to have them over. It is not charity, it is nice to share their smiles, let them share yours. It makes Christmas what it should be, a time of sharing. A time for love.  Not just family, friends but maybe those that may one day be a friend. This is how a friendship can grow, with the sharing of this special time.

Sharing their traditions too, changing yours a bit to adapt, to allow them their memories, and to share those memories with them, and build new, even greater ones. this is what Christmas should be. 

As the four of us have all different traditions (my roommates, in case you haven’t been following along) we adapt, we allow each to do her own thing, and share in that thing. It builds a lot of smiling moments, and we have now new traditions. 

This year our home will be crowded too, but that will be great. We have Moms, three arriving the day before, and a Mom and Dad arriving for the big meal, well for most of the day as well, the was puppy a Christmas present herself. 🙂 Does that make her a tradition or decoration? She is lots of fun though and someone is going to have so much fun with her this year, keep reading to see who.

We also have a two grand mothers coming this year, which will be so great. A puppy will be running around with such excitement too. 

This year, to make it a very full house, we are having a little boy and his Mom over so they will be sharing Christmas with us also. This is going to be so great!  So we have adapted and added more “traditions” to our plans this year, to make them feel a part of things. We had to arrange more sleeping places too, lol.. but that is not really a problem.




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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. I love Christmas…I think it’s my favorite holiday of the year. There’s something about snuggly sweaters, Christmas lights, trees, family, food and love during this season that is not quite like all the other holidays. I like to give gifts that are personalized…like jars of a ready to mix and bake dessert wrapped in pretty paper and ribbons. But in the end really it’s not how much you spend or what present you give. It’s about spending time with family and friends over great food and warm drinks. Oh and loads of laughing.

  2. Oh and at how long does WordPress start to freak out?

  3. A plot? If you were a cartoon character this would be it, you are twins. She even talks like you do and has the same catch phrases. Her hair is a bit longer, though you are catching up. 😉

  4. Oh Amber you even sing like her. That is the animated docber for certain.

  5. Oh Ambers I love that movie, and she is so much like you. 🙂 Jill is right, you even sing like she does.

    I can’t wait for Christmas this year it will be so fantastic!

  6. I always overspend on Christmas gifts and I am the poorest in my family! I can’t help it and then of course, my family feels guilty and I can’t pay my bills. Woohoo! Merry Christmas! Here’s the equivalent of powering up my electricity!

    • It is so easy to get caught up in giving more and more, and hence spending more and more, but in the end.. do they really appreciate the extra gifts? We often feel better when we spurge, but then remorse sets in when we are caught short.

      Just give them a pack of lindors and a smile. 🙂

      • I’ve already bought most of the presents. My parents seem to get a lot of chocolates from neighbours and work friends so I always end up getting chocolate, not giving it! Oooh in my dream last night I found this weird package in an empty bag of Doritos and it was a prize. I won about $500 and I was so happy because it meant I had plenty of money to cover Christmas! I don’t even eat Doritos and as far as I know, they don’t stick wads of cash in them. 😦

      • Doritos have so much msg in them, I can see hallucinations the result from eating them. lol. I do like them but because of the msg I avoid them now.

        It would be amazing if there were prizes in the bags, cash.. wow, like a lottery but you can eat the ticket. Lets start with licorice. 😉

      • Ugh, MSG makes me so sick too. I’m sure someone would sue food companies if they started putting money in their packages because people might accidentally eat their winnings!
        Maybe red licorice, not black licorice. 🙂

      • I love red licorice, black too, but red is the best.

        Msg really bothers me, I always know when a food has some.

        lol, I can see that now, I ate a bag of chips and I am sure there was a hundred dollars in it.. please send me the hundred dollars.

      • Or I ate $100 and had to have surgery to get it removed from my stomach and now I am suing for emotional/medical damages!

      • and the missing 100 dollars lol.

  7. Hope you have a good one!


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