Christmas Scrooge… is furry and has a bushy tail

Christmas lights. It is the time of the year, homes glittering and sparkling, some clear, some multicoloured. We like to go for walks in the evening so we can look at each home… and smiling so. Some are truly amazing!

We put our lights up last week also, or was it the week before, time seems to rush by this month. Until the 24th and then it crawls. lol.

no it really seems to stop.

So we put up our lights, made a bit of a scene, it looked so pretty.

Dec 19 Lites 008 - Copy

noooo that wasn’t our house, eeeps, it is very colourful though.

We have some stars, some Santa’s that are light so they glow.

Lights in the shrubs, placed with care, all glowing brightly.

It made us smile.

Until yesterday. *grumbles*


Led lights are the new “thing”  low power usage and nice soft colours. They don’t give them away though, but they say they last a long time.

LED Christmas Lights (Small)

They are very wrong.

you see… there is a Christmas scrooge. A real one. Out to destroy Christmas.

It is true, he ( I am sure it is a he ) attacked our display.

So who is this terrible anti Christmas perpetrator?

I will show you.


Yup, there HE is. Quick throw a rock at him.

nooo, a really big rock!

That little monster, or one like him.. or two.. or a group.. took every one of our Christmas lights. OFF THREE DIFFERENT STRINGS!


Every one, they are dotting our yard now, those lights. ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Stop laughing!

They chew the wires and remove the bulb, destroying the string of lights. Some they chew, some they leave lying on the lawn.

I googles it, to see how we could stop them. I saw there were almost two MILLION search results! BUT NOT ONE ANSWER!

Oh many said they don’t like the red led lights… CRAP!

Our lights were.. and I point out the WERE.. ALL RED!

I sent an email to Santa….  no not to ask for more lights…. wait would he bring them?

But to put those NAUGHTY SQUIRRELS ON THE PROPER LIST  Santa-Naughty-List

They are in big trouble now.



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. ech you had me laughing girl sorry I know I wasn’t meant too. Is there some sort of spray – not in the electrical wires of course but around them that would deter them? We have cat and dog sprays here to deter the darlings doing their ‘toilet’ on lawns..perhaps there is an anti-squirrel chewing Christmas lights spray? I haven’t even put up the tree yet!
    Thinking of so many at this time… xx

  2. Why on earth do they do that? Do they just enjoy chewing on the wires? Why take the lights too? Cheeky things!

    • I saw one sitting in the tree I took the picture of all snow covered a week or so ago holding one of the lights, twirling it like HE was teasing me, it was a good thing I didn’t have a big rock.. well that and the window was closed.

      • Do squirrels attack? We don’t have them here but we have possums and they sometimes attack people. That little bugger, I bet he knows exactly what he is doing!!

      • Squirrels stay in trees and twirl Christmas over their heads and giggle.

        lol, no they don’t attack, they do get into a lot of trouble though and are in our BIRD feeder a lot. I tried a sign.. NO SQUIRRELS… but it didn’t work. I guess I don’t speak squirrel?

        You don’t have squirrels? omg I will pack some up for you. pssst they like Christmas bulbs. probably tinsel too.

      • Squirrels sound like mischievous little critters! Send a few of them down and they can mess with my neighbours! 🙂

      • lol, they are our tiny Kangaroos I think, into lots of trouble they are. No pockets though.

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