Celtic Woman, not just the group.

This time of year Christmas Specials abound on the TV. 

Most we have all seen many times, some are great some probably not, but we watch them anyway.

Last night whilst spinning through the multitude of channels Jill stumbled across a special on PBS.

We saw the word Celtic and all nodded.

Some of you will know why this would be so, we do miss her a lot.

It was beautiful. 

If you see Celtic Woman Home for Christmas is on one evening, you should watch it. It will be on a PBS channel I think.


If you have not heard Celtic Woman sing, you are missing out on a lot. Their voices are so pure. Their group has changed a bit over time, I am not sure how long they have been about. I know they are Irish though. Sometimes an accent will slip out and we all smile. Tis such a beautiful accent.

The song below was not from the show last night, this is a bit older but a very nice sampling of their voices to tempt you to look for more.  I think it is a few years old and some of the singers have changed.  Listen to it though, and you will smile.

How long did you listen to it, before you noticed there was no musical accompaniment? The violin appears half way through. 


As for the other Celtic Woman, Katie. The four of us can not begin to say how much you are missed. We love you.

This song is special for two reasons, the Irish accent slipped out. 🙂 The meaning of the song as well, is very special.

We will never forget you

Amber, Aimee, Megan & Jill

You touched us all.


I did a series of Christmas posts last year, they are being visited a lot now, perhaps this year I will pick some nice songs and send a link to last years posts. eeeps there were a lot of them. 

So here are two posts from last year, to help you get ready for Christmas.

Christmas Bells

How to wrap Christmas gifts



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

20 responses »

  1. Thank you Ambers.

  2. I cried again ber. *hugs*

  3. There were no dry eyes last night, nor now. It is a beautiful rendition of the song that will mean a very different thing for me from now on.

  4. Thank you amber! I actually have that song on my iPod. It is indeed beautiful. I did take a peek at last year’s Christmas blog posts and all i can say is that i want all of the puppies please! 🙂

  5. …. listening to the clarity of their voices (the 1st one the 2nd one won’t play in my country) I had that deep pitted sinking feeling in my stomach… mentioning the one we are missing, we love… I just can’t think of the… tears… xxx

  6. I’ve been following her. Waiting and waiting to have her back. My heart is broken. I am missing the *smirkles* and *nods nods*. Beautiful music for such a beautiful lass.

    • I know. We exchanged multitudes of emails each day. Not since September though. I fear the worst. Don’t forget the ack’s and lists. It is a grand song for her. Whenever I hear it I will smile.


      • My fears are in my throat. The lists! We shared that!!!! Though her graphics and capabilities were far beyond mine! I do miss her and the joy of her. Thank you. I think we all need those *hugs*.

  7. The Celtic woman is amazing and, no, I didn’t notice there were no instruments…absolutely goose bump material. I am Scottish so know Auld Lang Syne very well.

  8. Sends hugs to R if she happens by. Aimee said she left a note. If you do stop by please say hi.

  9. darkravengirl14

    It is not fair ….it is not fair. I feel so angry right now. I feellike it is so unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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