The true meaning of Christmas

When you peek into your head, what gives you that fuzzy feeling?

You know, that cozy feeling that has a bit of excitement tossed in. Many of these memories are from childhood, a Christmas that was extra special perhaps? Maybe it was when your Dad let you have a tiny glass of Champagne like everyone else (maybe it wasn’t champagne but you felt special)

You know, I bet none of them, those special memories, involve that really extra special gift that you received. I bet when you peek into your head and smile at a special Christmas memory, none of them involve what we received or gave.

But wait, that is not correct either, the memories we are looking at.. it is what we received.

The expression is that it is better to give than to receive.

Tis not true.

tis better to receive.

No wait, no frowning.


What we receive, is the memories, they stay with us. We can peek back to Christmases past and feel the glow from them. Even if only for a moment. Those glowing moments. They could be a visit with a loved one, perhaps a Grandparent that came to visit, a friend or cousin. A visit we looked forward to with such excitement.

It could be from giving a gift we made, or a meal we prepared with care. 

Most will involve a loved one, yes. Maybe giving a gift that we were excited to give. But if we gave a smaller gift, the smile would be the same. Because it was given with our love. 

I keep saying this, Christmas is not about gifts, it is not about spending. 

It is sharing. 

A lot of it is about sharing with family. 

Or friends. 

We don’t have to spend physical time with them now either. Though it is grand. But we can chat online, skype, send emails back and forth. Sip on eggnog and wait for the reply with giggles, with someone across the world. Sharing a day with them. Different traditions we share is so interesting. Did you know that some eat Oysters at Christmas? OMG. blech.  lol. 

We can send goofy pictures we find online that make us smile.

or cute Christmas cards, again that are online.

some that make us go, awww, that was nice.

We, with so many things, get back what we give…. this means if we try a bit, we can catch some of that glow that is elusive, that Christmas spirit. 

Tis easy to say I am alone, I don’t bother with Christmas.

so, perhaps this year, bother someone else that is alone, send them goofy emails, play email tag. Because we are not alone. Share your time.

Maybe you are missing someone this year, a pet, a friend, a parent…. a mother. 

It is a hard time then. We can peek in our minds though and remember some great times we had with them.

I know it is not the same and we miss them a lot.  They are with us though, you can feel it if you try. They want us to smile. so peek at a memory and smile, just for them.

Look at the ones we are spending Christmas with too, get involved a bit, perhaps make a part of the Christmas dinner, decorate something your way, pick a Christmas movie to watch with them, make a goofy snack to share. 

Share memories of the one missing  from Christmas this year with them. tis nice to share. Share stories and memories, they don’t have to be sad, you may smile a bit and then they will smile too, knowing you are, for a moment, not so sad. 

We can remember the amazing time we had last year, perhaps a fantastic trip to a tropical island. The things shared, the things we saw, they are all stored in our minds so we can peek back and be with them for a moment, to smile a bit, because they would want us to.

Before most of you go.. she has lost it…  that was for one person who I wish so much I could hug away sadness for, even if she is a sack of potato. 😉 (I miss her too R, very very much)

Christmas is not hype, it is not gifts. It is memories. That is what Tradition is, is it not?

It is sharing, making new memories, visiting old memories. Remembering things, even words… Ack!

It is not giving gifts, if we gave no gifts, but just shared, time, a meal, love… Christmas would be just as grand.

I love Christmas, I love being goofy, impulsive, teasing. Sharing.

I peek back at memories too, I try not to be sad, tis hard at times.

But they would not want us to be sad, to remember them yes, definitely, but with smiles too.




About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. I didn’t know her outside of her blog. But in that short time we knew each other she touched my life in a way that only really special people can. I miss her too.

    This was a lovely post Amber. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. SQUISH

  2. A blog from the heart – kindness and thoughtfulness to all. Yes we have our memories of those who are not with us any longer..those that touched our lives through her words on a page, her humour, her spreadsheets (that just bought a tear). Christmas is memories and we shall all remember K with such fondness and those that we miss and love. Thank you Amber, xxx

  3. Beautiful Amber… thanx 🙂 I know she would like this post

    • Thank you Andrea. I wish I had some magic words for R, as I am certain she is going to peek at this. Maybe that she was loved so much by so many is nice to hear, but I am sure she knows this. If not, I would be so happy to tell her. 🙂


  4. *Hugs*
    People eat oysters? That made me smile. 🙂

  5. Oh dear…..i love oysters….seems i may be alone though based on the comments above….i love them raw or steamed or all fancy Rockefeller style!….mmmmmm….*licks lips*….on a more serious note, i am so sorry about what has apparently transpired….*sends gentle hugs to all affected*…God bless you all…..


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