Seasons Reflections

As the day gets closer and things calm down… wait, they are calming down?

hmm not for me, well it works better for the blog if I say …. and things are calming down.

So I will stick with that.

… as things calm down… (there, see how well that worked?)

We reflect more, no not like Christmas lights.. sheish.

Ok so I am going for a bit of levity with this post as some recent ones  have been dabbed with a bit of remorse.

We reflect on the year, the things we did, the things we wanted to do. Perhaps the resolutions that were unfulfilled. 

I always advise against making New Years resolutions. If you want to do something, just do it, if you want to stop… well then stop. 

eeeps I am diverging. 

Best click on that Read the rest of this entry thingie, to see what else I am reflecting on. I must be a bright bulb or something. Maybe just flickering?


I am reflecting on friends, new friends made, here in blog land, and old friends made last year. hmm well not old as in ancient, but old as in a year ago… uhm.. yes that is it. (does a quick magic trick to distract you)

Friends from all over the world. Some I exchange emails with, some we banter back and forth with comments, teasing, supporting and loving. We can make some great friends with blogs. I know I have.

Absent friends too, as my past few posts have hinted around. A friend that many of us miss dearly.

Crafty me, did that, those posts of recent days, with the hope of drawing someone in, perhaps to be a new friend. But to offer some comfort to as well, as I know she is having a hard time. This time of year it is harder too. I know this. It seems to have worked as she peeked back. I hope to have a new friendship there, a new penpal perhaps. Tis nice to have friends that can support and tease.

Some friends have penguins, no not as pets 😉

Some like very pretty tinsel but not fireworks… or Oysters. But are filled with sunbeams and smiles. ( I am giggling about the tinsel )

Some love Oysters, crab lobster and me. 🙂

Some have cute accents, well many do, though I can’t hear them, but see them slip out in their words  at times.

Some are Munchkins and Cats. 

Many are letters, S’s and even SS’s.. R’s too.

Some peek on once and a while, some with each post made. There are Mums and Mumsys, Even Months of the year, who is a dear.

Some are filled with others, that make them a group.

Some sing and post their songs.

Poetry, writings, ramblings and things of interest. Posts are filled with all of this.

Some are missing.

This makes levity harder, and she had so much of that. 

So reflecting on friends, from all over the world. Ones made, and ones to make. Young, and older, however in Blog land we are all the same age, in our minds.

Our seasons are mixed up, our times are seldom the same, customs vary… but we are really all the same. Tis nice.

Many of you will see Santa before me, some almost a day it seems. Give him good cookies so he has lots of energy to make the trip. Milk if he likes it but not some with a nip… I don’t want mix ups or have him weaving you see…. 😉

Hug Rudolph for me, if you are awake. Pssst he likes carrots. 

I always left some out for him, but he never ate it all. Santa left crumbs too with the cookies he nabbed. Those carrot stumps and cookie crumbs in the morning seemed magical…

So each and everyone of you, have a Merry Christmas, even if you don’t celebrate it, perhaps smile when I think of you Christmas Day…. and I will.

yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus.. he lives within us all. 🙂

merry christmas from amber



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Awwws, this is such a sweet post! I’m smiling 🙂 Maybe I’ll give Santa a Red Bull so he has enough energy to make it to your place! He wont even need the reindeer because Red Bull gives you wiiiiiiiiiiings!

  2. The Commonwealth of Virginia sends the most heartfelt and sincere *hugs* and *happy holidays* to Amber and everyone that she touches. You are so very special Amber – love you. *s* Please have the most wonderful holiday season ever!

  3. Awww how sweet. Your posts bring a smile to this heart of mine, which is needed. The new friend…. I hope your relationship grows. Your words and heartfelt message is needed and you bring so much solace to many people. I shall do a Christmas post – but in case you don’t get over – thank you for your friendship and support throughout the year. Thank you for caring for others and wanting to help them. You are a very special person and I am grateful that I know you…. and I shall make sure Santa is well rested before his next trip… 🙂 Hugssss a plenty and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours Amber. xxx

  4. Merry Christmas darling! ❤ *a bajillion hugs*


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