The Hangover.. no not the movie

A big party night doth approacheth.  Is this time to go woo hoo? hmmmm, well sometimes going woo hoo the next morning is harder. Oh you can still do it, but often the enthusiasm is not there. Maybe burying your head under the pillow is more what you want to do.. as maybe you woo hoo’d to much the night beforest.  (seems that is not a word, darn it really worked)

perhaps you wish someone would dig a hole in the back yard and plop you in… lol

There is a good chance you are even reading this now, having googled hangover treatments/cures/remedies. bol…. hurts doesn’t it?

eeeps not much sympathy. I hope I don’t end up googling it too. wait I will already know what I wrote, uhm.. so I won’t google it?

Some serioushang over people have their own works every time treatment… that they swear by. Oh I have heard them, as they moan and mumble.. hey that usually works….

So, what is a hangover? or more so, why does it happen.. no no no, I know why it happens, but why does it mess up your body?


Because you drank too much silly.

What? that doesn’t help?  awwww. well mostly it is too late now, to help you. One of the biggest causes of the hangover is dehydration. The body doesn’t much like that, it can even cause muscle cramps. The drinking causes you to hmmm well tinkle more, if you drink enough that you can not keep it down.. uhm well you know…. you dehydrate even more.

This dehydration causes the wonderful dry mouth, the headache that will not end… omg that is not a real headache, try a full blown migraine.

It leaves you weak, tired, sore, thirsty and the big one, dizzy. You are probably still under the effects of the alcohol too.

The phrase is, a bit of the hair of the dog that bit you… to treat it. Sure go ahead, psssst that makes it worse. It just delays the effects and they become even stronger. 

oh if you check your sugar levels now, they are likely very low. alcohol messes them up too. See your liver stores glucose, and your little binge messes your liver up a tad, you are making it work very hard. It is why taking pain meds doesn’t work much either, as the liver processes them, and you have it working too hard to remove the alcohol from your blood. Multi tasking is for computers, not body organs.

sucks to have a medical background… sucks more when I share it with you during this suffering phase… lol are you still reading? I am going to help you, I just want to have some fun first.

Your lack of sleep is also mixed up in this, you may have crashed into a “deep sleep” but it wasn’t a balanced good sleep. More like a jet lag feeling actually. Just all mixed together in this rotten feeling.

Is your heart pounding too? Don’t freak, that is just the body looking for more alcohol, you are suffering from withdrawal now. Yes drinking more now, will make that go away, but unless you plan on drinking a steady amount from now on… it will sooner or later arrive again. best deal with it now.

The body tremors that are annoying you too, they could be a part of this. The shakes. You are not dying, you only want to.

Preventing a hangover is easier than curing one. Obviously drinking less is key, but not completely, drinking more too helps.  EEEPs… what?   lol, yup, drinking much more… psssst water. Drink a lot of water though the night and before bed, it helps flush you out and re-hydrates you.

When you go to that party, eat!  food absorbs the alcohol, lines your stomach. Oily or greasy food works best, not the next morning though, that just makes you want to….. uhm well dehydrate more when you do.

Some drinks contain more congeners, these are items in your drink added to make it smell or taste better or occur during the fermentation process, filtered alcohol has less, but they are also toxins. Gin and Voldka have less, wine and whisky have more. Useless information for you now though. When you live with microbiologists they fill your head with tiny facts. lol.

Are you still with me? Still looking for that magical cure? Your eyes don’t feel so good either do they?  pssst dehydration, have you not had a glass of water yet?


Some take a hangover cure before drinking, some with activated charcoal in it, to filter the impurities. pssst it is probably just the water you drink it with that helps.  (rolls eyes) Some take pills before bed, they don’t work though, the effect wears off before you wake, and the body just doesn’t deal well with them.


so, now that you have the hangover, did not drink water and are moaning and becoming annoyed with me. 

What can help?  time. 24 hours and you will be all better. eeeeps, you want to feel better faster? sheish. Did you google blending eggs and hot sauce with a bunch of other things? fish even maybe? gawds don’t drink that. For sure it will make you… well lose a lot more body fluids.


Well water first, you still need to re-hydrate. This is the most important and what will help you the fastest. Drinks with electrolytes are even better as they restore what you flushed out last night. 

Pain meds may work, not likely though as your liver is busy, pain meds can be a bit dangerous for you now too, as they will add toxins and mess with your livers duties now.

Some foods are good if you can handle them. Bananas, eggs, or even soups. Potassium can be restored with the banana, toxins removed by the eggs. (not raw). Soup is good for you all the time, more so now, it restores more of what you lost.

Fruit juices too are good now, if you can keep them down.

I am sorry you feel this way now, after so much fun last night… you had fun right? well maybe when they show you the video you will remember…..   pssst maybe it is on youtube now, go peek. lol.  ….   ………… 


oh whilst on this topic, in case you read it before hand, good job by the way if you did, so remember to drink a lot of water. When you notice someone has had a lot to drink, so you pour coffee into them, so they can go home…. coffee helps with the tiredness, but all that means is you have a drunk that is wide awake. Find them a bed instead of giving them coffee, you are responsible for them, keep them off the road. You stay off the road too. I know you hear this all the time, you don’t get second chances though. 




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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Ooooh! Brings back memories…some good, some best forgotten lol!! I just want to add one don’t. If you are a smoker, don’t smoke on hangover day. It makes it TONS worse.

    Also I had a med student friend who swore by drinking an entire litre of water right before bed after a night out…although I’ve tried it myself and while it worked for headache prevention it did not work for my screaming body.

    I hear a glass of water after every drink helps too.

    Are you gonna party hard this year Amber? 🙂

  2. been there – done that – many a time 😦 tonight our NYE will be at home in front of the TV and possibly falling asleep before 12…happens as you get older now and then. Going out is fraught with danger – drinking having to get a taxi (cab) home, idiots on the streets. Nah this year a quiet one.. to reminisce. Wishing you a healthy happy and safe 2014 Amber. Thank you for all the knowledge you impart, the care that you give, the guidance and the love and caring you show to others. I am glad I met you. 🙂 x


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