Spring.. not the season.. but rolls

Finally a day with no hectic activities. After the holidays and opening our home to a stack of people that had no power.. for a few days.. it is nice to just do nothing. 

We have to eat though, so bread is rising, soon to be popped into the oven. 

Around lunch time… Jill wondered about sending out for some Chinese food. see? a lazy day. lol. She was craving spring rolls. They are very yummy.

Aimee and I were restless though, we had enough rest… hmm funny how those two words sound the same, sort of.

Lets make some, Aimee said.

Jill said spring rolls? Don’t you buy them and then just heat them up?

oh oh, a challenge.

We had bean sprouts and quite a few other items found in spring rolls, though you can put just about anything in them.

We didn’t have any wrappers though. Jill said we would need those. She is pretty quick… 

Aimee just got up and went into the kitchen. Some pots began to clunk. 

I followed and peeked into the fridge, out came the bean sprouts, snow peas, cabbage, avocado, salmon, green onions, mushrooms, carrots, turnips, red peppers and some plum sauce.

Aimee had taken a bit of flour, water and salt and made a paint. It was just a thin paste. She had a small no stick frying pan on the stove warming at a very very low heat… pssst, we have done this before.



I shredded the carrots and cabbage. The snow peas were cleaned (ends and string strip removed) and sliced into long thin slices, as were the mushrooms, red peppers and turnips.  I chopped the salmon and green onions into smaller bits.

I got out the wok and started to stir fry the veggies, one at a time as they cook at different speeds, putting them into bowls as they were cooked. The avocado was sliced into long thin strips but not cooked.

When everything was cooked, Aimee had just finished making the wrappers. She took a basting brush and painted her flour paste onto the pan, making a very thin layer that cooked quickly and was removed onto a waiting plate. Presto… a wrapper.

We then placed our filling in the wok with some plum and soy sauce and stir fried it, everything but the avocado. It only took a moment to mix things up and cook the salmon, then we placed some on one of the wrappers, with some avocado, rolled it up, sealing the ends and onto a waiting plate. When we had a dozen made we took the wok and put a few inches of oil in it, heated it and then fried the rolls. springrolls

They were cooked until a golden brown, flipped to cook the other side and placed on paper towels to dry off…  we served them with a sweet chili sauce, it is a bit hot, but even Megan liked it.Sweet Chicken Sauce (Sweet Chilli Sauce)

Jill said we are not doing take out again.

I want to try them with nutella, cream cheese and walnuts, maybe some cinnamon in the batter. Jills eyes rolled to the back of her head when I mentioned that.

 do nothing days are fun… eeeps time for the bread to go in.





About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Oh my gosh. My mouth is watering thinking about tasty spring rolls and chinese food! I love the Vietnamese spring rolls too. Have you tried those? They are made out of cellophane noodles. *s* Thanks for making me ravenous!

  2. You guys are amazing! You made spring rolls from scratch, just like that!

  3. This is awesome! It sounds simply wonderful, and I confess my own initmidation to frying anything (silly I know but I fear starting a grease fire). Your spring rolls sound better than a restaurant. 🙂

    • They were very yummy and much fresher than we have had at a restaurant. The wok has high sides and we are careful of splashing oil. We have a deep fryer also. We never fry on very high heat either. A grease fryer could certainly ruin your day though. eeeps

  4. nutella??? Noooo eeps surely you jest – my eyes are rolling back too! They do look yum though, clever little bunnies you lot 🙂 x


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