Love Doesn’t Always Equal Acceptance

I am borrowing the title to this post, if you read on you will see from who.

It is a good title. It is one that makes you think. Should love always equal acceptance? I suppose it depends on what you are accepting.?……….. or how strong the love is.

Some things though require more than acceptance, they require self education. Some things are easier to accept if you try to understand, learn… share. Then you can support. Should we not support those we love?

This could go any way, so many topics could apply. I am talking of the stigma that is attached to mental health though.


I have said this before, so many times I see someone struggling or even times not struggling, but managing, with mental health issues, that does not share this struggle with their family. Perhaps they do with their immediate family, but once you leave the home the issue remains at home, hidden.

The mind is yet another part of the body, when it hiccups it should be treated just as that, another part of the body. A broken leg gets awwws and signed casts from caring people, even strangers hold doors open for you. Someone with an issue in their mind gets… looks or those comments that are so helpful…. snap out of it, just do it, why can’t you be like your …..  not support, not understanding, often words that cause hurt, despair. Long lasting pain that causes mistrust, from mere words. It causes the person suffering to suffer in silence, to conceal. It causes them stress when stress is not needed. Because to share or be open leads to strange experiences, they are not treated the same, from handled with care (too much care) to shunned. You see the stigma works both ways, those that have to cope with mental health issues, do not wish to share, because of the reactions.

Why would they want to open up, to tell friends or family when they encounter this reaction, this lack of support, the lack of understanding.

Understanding can be difficult, this is true. Some things are quite complex. Great understanding is often required. Try.

This line… this part of a short post on another blog… says so much: We all laugh. It’s not an easy situation. Having mental illnesses doesn’t  just rob me of my own life. It robs others of the chance to get to know me and accept me for who I am, not who I could or should be.

Her blog is titled stunnedandstunted I call her Double S, but this stands for Sunbeams and Smiles, because as you take the time to get to know her, this is the way you will see her as well.

This post, the link below to her post on her blog called Love Doesn’t always Equal Acceptance, tis a short post but says it all, it truly does, is yet another example of how someone can build walls, walls that limit someone in so many ways with words. Understanding is not so difficult, with understanding comes support too. Just like opening the door for someone with a broken leg, we can open doors for those with mental issues, mental just means in the head, it is not a bad word. 

Here is her post    Love Doesn’t Always Equal Acceptance    ….. click there






About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Thank you for discussing my post and for all of the kind things you said about me, Amber. I really appreciate your opinion on this. Thanks for reblogging my post. 🙂


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