hmmm absent?

Ok I have not posted as much, recently, as normal. 

I have been tapping the keys a lot though, on this silly windoze 8 keyboard, have you heard me grumbling? Whilst I tap away? …. Finishing my, uhm book, well it feels like a book… but yay it is finished. Soon I will double up again. lol I know that confuses many. I just like to do letter combinations in pairs. So maybe I will have a rapper tittle… double D?   eeeeps noooooo.

So now maybe I can catch up on reading blogs and posting on mine. Well maybe, lol. 

I have a movie review to do, and more mindful posts also, lots of general ramblings and rants… 

oh rants, This one annoyed me, I will start here. With a rant. I need to vent.


Justin Bieber was arrested again… hmmm again? eeeps someone is on a slippery slope.. and it is a downhill ride… best wake up jb.

But he was arrested in Toronto for assault. He had to show up at a police station to turn himself in, he was going to show up at 7 pm, so of course media thought this news worthy… *makes sour face*

During the evening, 6pm news, they kept jumping to the front of the police station to see if he showed up yet… of course he hadn’t. Being a very important… uhm special…well  teenager, he was not going to be early….  but the crowd grew, media of course was making it a bit of a zoo….  They mentioned repeatedly how the crowds were growing, how this was a chance to see the special one…

So more showed up.

Of course the special person didn’t, not at 7.  

He finally did make his mandatory appearance, in what should have been a private encounter, as this is a serious occasion. 

One media personality then, complained, and she moments before was waving the fires, wondering why more were not showing up to see him, but now when he showed up, was complaining at how preteen children were now being trampled by media as they rushed to stick their cameras in jb’s face or to stick their mics out with the hopes he would say hello… but the preteen children were being flattened by large uncaring media feet in their rush, children that showed up because this zoo was live and someone kept saying come on down… and then when people came down… they were squished in the panic to see the wondrous one?


Is the prerequisite for reporting “news” that you have the IQ of a damp sponge?

Sorry it just really irritated me. That this reporter who basically said come on down and then made a big deal that they or she provided some sort of cushion or protection around the trampled children that did go…. wondering why they were there? ahhhhhhhhhhh

damp sponge.



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Sometimes the news is just bananas!

  2. damp sponge I chortled – JB – is (a dick) as we would say over here…then again I’m not 11 and madly in love with his 6 pack now am I….thankfully. Yay on you almost book btw 😉 xx

  3. Sooo happy for the book Amber. I know that feeling. * hugging you*
    Um, JB… Well, there are a few choice words I’d like to use here.. Oh but, I shan’t. *giggling madly*
    I am constantly amazed by the media and why they think a celebrity, a bratty one at that, resisting arrest or showing up to jail late, is newsworthy. Then again what do I know. His dad needs to stop drinking with him and his mom needs to get back into his life, because he seems unable to behave without adult supervision. Or else, get out of the spotlight and do what you want to do.


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