Hobbit part two… or The Desolation Of Smaug

Picking on poor sleeping dragons, sheish, mean old invisible hobbit… picking on someone not their size… uhm, well he isn’t.

We saw this movie a while ago and I meant to review it as I did the first. 

It is not fresh in my mind now so tis a bad time time to review. 

In a short answer, we all liked it. But to be fair I have to make some pointed comments.


First off the book is a bit thin, making three movies, an obvious cash grab, is difficult with such a thin book. They have painted an image though, that is not too far from what I pictured in my mind. This I think is a great thing. Some scenes were what I had pictured so clearly. 

The changing of the story though… is this to be forgiven? Even if it is done well? But adding characters that did not make it in the book…. Even if they are very good at jumping over heads on a rushing river…  Or story lines that didn’t make it into the book.

hmmmm.  We all know that movies and books are seldom the same, we paint images and scenes in our minds that will differ from person to person so the movie has no hope of coming close or pleasing everyone. With any movie adaptation of a novel. The book is always better. 

That being said, when the movie changes the book, adds characters, scenes..  is it wrong? or is it still the entertainment/diversion we were seeking.

I think the latter, so forgive I will. The changes worked well, the movie was captivating. If you are looking for an accurate Tolkien rendition, then just read the book again. If you are looking for a fun few hours then watch the movie.

The Dragon was perfect. I am sure they used a real dragon, maybe they borrowed one from the Harry Potter people. But he was just so convincing. An egotistical dragon even. But when you breathe fire and are quite large….  oh and have a very deep voice that sends shivers….

The 3d effects were great, well until about half way through and then they seemed to fade or we just got used to them. We didn’t duck much though in the second half.

They sure had a lot of gold though, t’was quite a pile of it that Mr. Dragon swam through. There is lots for the Dwarves to share.. but that is part of the third uhmmm part, isn’t it? The battles are about to begin, inside and out. 

I liked the bouncing river elves and the addition of them and their antics. The dwarves seemed ok with them dancing on their heads as they unleashed multitudes of arrows. But when someone comes to your rescue you often forgive a bit of head tap dancing…

If you haven’t  seen the movie yet, I suspect it is not in theaters any longer so it is worthy of a rent, but you will likely miss the 3d effects which I like. Unless you have a 3d TV.. 


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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. You know I had the same struggle with the film vs. book. I agree with your conclusion though, and the dragon was way cool.


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