Lindsey Stirling


Sometimes a name pops up, a new singer or a new instrumentalist and you go.. oh I have heard of them.. and then you perhaps forget again.

Some spring up faster for you, once you hear them. Some may have been about for a while and you just didnt run across them.

Last week I heard of one and was going to peek and then forgot until watching Dancing with the Stars this week and she was featured, woo hoo I remembered so I peeked more.



Yes Katie, you can smirkle, I saw her on Dancing with the Stars. Yes I called it stars this time and not the “d” list as in previous years, because this year there truly are stars on the show. Well one at any rate as she has overcome so much and is so inspiring. I so feel you right now too, giggling a bit because I watched the show that you so loved and I so teased you about.


But this post is for an instrumentalist that was on the show, a violinist to be more precise. So again, more pulls from you Katie as she has a bit of an Irish lilt/slant/pull, I feel, to some of her playing. I think maybe this is why I love some of her tunes, because of your pull on me, that friendship.

 tumblr_mtc0ayqSrR1rzbmb4o1_1280 (Small)

Her name is Lindsey Stirling, she really likes to dance too. She was on Dancing with the Stars this week, playing the violin, and her playing was beautiful.

427042_448998915132301_162297650_n (Small)

I can really feel her passion and love for the instrument, You can so see it in these pictures too.


image_153572_4 (Small)


This next video Katie, well it just makes me think of you so much. I haven’t been to Ireland and I know this was not filmed there, but this is how I picture it, and you now. Dancing in the hills…


 The videos….


 Her newest I think.



And this one is just so pretty, her friend accompanies her playing the harp.



This one is with John Legend doing vocals and playing the piano while Lindsey plays her violin, it is very pretty.






 See Rach, I still talk to Mom too. 🙂

I still cry as well.



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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. darkravengirl14

    she would smile seeing this. thank u


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