thursday (Small)


Thursdays… sort of like Tuesdays. Well they start with the same letter…


Tuesdays are between hump day and the dreaded Monday that many people seem to grumble about. I fixed that by taking Mondays off… What?


Thursdays fall betwixt Hump day and Party day.. uhm Friday.  What?


When you take Monday off though, then hump day re-positions.. hmmmm perhaps I should take hump day off also? I did a post on hump day last year, I find it interesting how many visits that post will get on Wednesday, funny how that works out. Of course my Monday blahs post gets lots of visits on Mondays, and to keep up with things, I of course did a post on weekends and it is visited the most. So from this I can tell…. People like weekends better. So now this post, on Thursday’s will live in immortality too? For people seeking information about Thursdays? hmmm I wonder what amazing thing I can impart about Thursdays. I should google or bing it. Oh I know, I need to start a movement. now_appearing_thursdays_heart we can wear buttons and everything. Someone needs to write a song.

Sheish what an aimless rambling start to a post. Spring is slowly starting to .. well spring, slow being the key word I think. I would do a movie review, but we haven’t seen any worth mentioning.  

I don’t feel like writing a haiku,

or even a poem for you,

rhyming verses and such

would be just too much. eeeeps


I am out of licorice, just saying in case the licorice company is following my blog and will take pity and send me a case… psst I like the strawberry or black… just saying. you know… in case.

oh, Twizzlers… not strings or nibs or other strange shapes. Must be specific. I would hate to have to return a case of the wrong shape.

I googled how to make licorice at home, it seems quite easy, after checking the ingredients though, it seemed that this could cost much more than just buying it, and Aimee said she was very interested to see how I was going to make it twisted like the twizzlers…. I suggested the pasta maker but we didn’t have the right attachment. Sheish.

We made some very yummy peanut butter cookies last night, I should send you the recipe Rach, cooking for two is not always just dinners right?

So cheer up  download (1)







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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. I hope you get your licorice fix soon!


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