Devious Manufacturers

Wooo hooo it is time for a rant, I am annoyed again. eeeeeps look out.


It is not really news, but manufacturers are packaging our groceries slightly differently. That is to say they are giving us less but of course taking the same amount of money from us. They claim that they are not hiding it…. but hey, I haven’t noticed on the box the big image in a star burst saying.



you get less for the same $$$$


When they increase the size of the package or contents, they are quick to do that…. Some companies are making the boxes larger in height, a cereal company is doing this, the box is taller but thinner, so it appears to be bigger than the competing boxes of cereal…. when in fact you are getting less.

They feel that rather than raise prices they will just give us less, then we won’t notice or complain. It is basic psychology… the trouble with psychology is, nothing is really basic.

This backfires on them as people realize that they are being devious. It appears more like theft. It annoys people when they get home with their 500 gram bar of cheese that they need for a recipe only to find out there is only 460 grams…

or the cook doesn’t notice the size change but everyone complains that the food doesn’t taste as good this time…


Sizing needs to be standardized. When we buy a liter of gasoline that is what we get, so comparing prices is easy. A lite of milk is a liter.. well so far.  

The metric system makes this sort of easy, nice even numbers.

A box of tissues should be sold as a 200, 300, 400…. not 226 or some such silly number.

Cereal could be in two or three sizes, small medium and army issue… that is what we buy, lol.

Tins of juice shrank last year, they became so small we stopped buying them. The same happened with frozen juices, so we stopped buying them also. We make our own juice now. See Mr. Manufacturer?  you are not getting more money from us now, you annoyed us. This wasn’t on the tiny tins…

Smaller cans of Juice

Buy two or everyone will not get a glass in the morning

Toilet tissue did the same a while back, they stopped winding it as tightly on the roll so it looked the same.. until you noticed how often you had to change the roll now. They made the tissue smaller too, but they didn’t put that on the package…. 

Fewer wipes per roll

and be careful they are smaller

It is one thing to change the amount in the package, or the size, but often the same package is used but you just receive less, it is much more devious when they make the package larger or appear larger… and give you less.

Warning contents may settle

with the  extra room in the box that is likely

We understand that costs rise for some products (we don’t understand the logic in gas pricing, but that is a different rant..) So raise the costs, when you take product away from us, it is like stealing, theft, dishonesty, you are misleading. IT IS ANNOYING. 

Leave psychology to psychologists. Or psychologists will start to tell you how to package your goods….. see?



omg peanut butter cups have had a 37% size reduction!  You think we don’t see that?!?!?!


Heinz Ketchup only 11% smaller… but it is ok we found that the “no name” brands actually taste better… 


no name or store brands are not always the best bet though. Potato chips, the bags of the store brands are often less than half the cost.. but then you notice the tiny bags are almost half the size too. We need a standardization of sizing , comparison shopping is becoming too difficult. I need a separate shopping cart for my abacus…. 

Ice cream is apparently shrinking in product size also. But we make our own so we don’t much care, lol

Bread also, omg to eat store bought bread now would be blech. It is so easy to make and the cost is soooo much less but the taste and knowing what is in it… is so much better. Have you read the ingredient list on ice cream lately? Bring a cup of coffee when you do, it is not light reading…. 


That expression.. 

You get what you pay for?

it isn’t true any more




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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Hahaha! Here on the west coast we get Sun-Rype juice (from BC) and I noticed the 1ltr tetra packs weren’t on the shelves a few weeks back. Then this past week they had new packaging… it’s nice, better reseal after it’s been opened, looks good and fits in the fridge better – BUT it is also no longer a litre it is 900mls, yet the same price! It made me feel ripped off as this is a brand I have always bought due to it being local and of an equal/ superior quality in a comparative size. :/

    • They are sneaky. But insulting our intelligence too. I would rather sizes were standard and the price to go up… then we would know what we are buying and could comparison sgop. Sneaky companies. They are damaging their reputations. The juice sounds yummy though. 🙂

  2. My grandma came back home from a different part of the US and nearly had a heart attack about the prices and packaging of thing!

  3. I hear you, I make it a habit now of reading (especially on the loo paper) how many sheets per roll and the price per roll…how sad is my life having to do that, but yes the manufacturers are getting sneakier and we just have to play the game 😦

  4. They did an expose over here on the same thing…so irritating. I have not had a peanut butter cup in a long time, and now I want to just to see what 37% less would be like…still. It is getting ridiculous and the corporations just do not care. I am still wondering about GMO labeling as well. Has yet to pasd here, so best bet is Sprouts or a farmer’s market.
    Is making your own bread that easy?


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