Mothers Day

The day is near, perhaps it has arrived now for some, with all our time zones that tie us together in a confusing knot. The day where we, hmmm, in some countries, celebrate our Moms. As I see in our smaller world that is tied together in our interweb, Mothers day is a day that is shared on different dates in our various countries. 

For us it is tomorrow, Our home will be graced with four, no six moms. Moms and moms of moms. It is a special day for us. 

Moms are not always close, sometimes the distances are too great to share closeness with them. Some distances are insurmountable. Those moms though, are still in our thoughts, greatly in our minds. We can feel them so strongly as the date reminds us that they are not, perhaps beside us. They are in us though. They will always be in us. They shaped us we are a part of them. I feel they live on in us and we can turn to them, turn inside and draw some comfort, even share a smile with them… in our minds. I do this with my Father on Fathers day. Eventually we all have to do this, I know. This is life, not always fair. 

So I am also thinking of another mom and will be tomorrow. I will peek in my mind and smile with her. I know she would like that. I too, am thinking greatly of her daughter, my new friend. I wish you comfort R. Remember she is still inside you, it is not the same, I know. you are not alone though. Peek inside, you can feel her there, draw some comfort. Share the day with her, in your mind. 

Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms, those that are reading, and those we share the day with, in our minds, and miss so terribly. You live on, in us all. 

Lá na Máithreacha Sona duit





About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Aaah yes one of the most bitter sweet days of the year. As a mother I am blessed and surrounded with love. As a daughter I feel the hollowness of her absence. Sending prayers of peace out for all the motherless on Mother’s Day. Hold tight to the memories, cling to the remnants of love because they will linger with you your whole life as long you hold on. ((Hugs))

  2. Happy Mother’s Day…may it be filled with beautiful moments that turn into heartfelt memories. Lovely post. ~Karen~

  3. darkravengirl14

    I know that saying.

    I wrote to her today and made it into a bottle and i’ll put it in the river. she liked the water. I miss her alot

    happy moms day for ur mom tomorrow and for all the moms that are coming to ur house.

  4. A beautiful tribute to mums Amber, thank you also for K and R. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums and as Beth one of my readers said, past, present and future. Nods xxx

  5. Wonderful post for Mother’s Day for all mothers wherever they may be.
    I hope it is a grand day for everyone, sans snow if possible, though when there is snow, one can build a snowman 🙂

    • snow.. eeeps, no more snow please. It is quite warm now, humid even. How come no one builds snowwomen? eeeps spell check doesn’t even know that word, we need to start a revolt. where are the forms…..

      • Good point, why not snowwomen? Never thought of that before. Now I think I may try to start a trend next season…hmmm. I would like to think spellcheck was not anti-snowwomen, but maybe it is? I say yes. A revolt is in order. Upcoming winter there shall be snowwomen in my block, oh yes! Equal opportunity even in snow and ice renditions of humanity! I blame the language of Disney, “Do you want to build a snowman?” Now, Olaf was cool but still.
        Humid is good, though, glad to hear it. 🙂 Snow in May is crazy, but we are Colorado, so it kind of works out it melts next day. 🙂

      • Hey you send us thoae snowy lows that mess up our weather. Lol now I know who to complain too.

        Now for the snowpeople. We need signs and buttons for the campaign. Maybe a snappy song too.

      • Yeah, Colorado does that, we think the weather here is a bit wonky at times too. 🙂

        Snappy song I think is best, buttons are a bonus…but who to write and compose somethung so catchy? Those songs are wickedly catchy–it is how they get you. 🙂

      • Oh I have to write a song now.

      • It is the key to Disney

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