We did it

Busy is nice, it keeps one… hmmmm well busy. eeeeeps


Last year we thought about not renting anymore and perhaps buying our own home. Jill showed us how much money we were spending and how it was just sort of vanishing. We love where we are but to be able to do anything we wish to the house would be so amazing too. Also the nice couple we rent from want to retire more and they are interested in selling.  

We looked at some homes last year, eeeeeeps again, there are a lot of zeros in those numbers. 

Jill put us on a strict budget (tis handy to have a bookkeeper in the family) ((oh oh))

We saved quite a bit over the year and started looking again for a home we could make our own.

We found one!


It is so pretty, we all fell in love with it. As we went through the house, each peeking in different rooms, wondering how the others felt, slowly falling in love with it, and getting very excited.. and then we met in the kitchen…..  and all had the same look on our faces, each of us holding her breath…. hoping… and we all exploded at the same time.

Of course to get the best price we did not want to appear too enthused … so we looked outside to see what all that noise was. We said we would think about it, and look at some other homes…. you know, to keep them on edge.

So we went to the cottage, as we viewed the house on a Saturday, and my uncle along with Aimees uncle, who are both builders, inspected the house for us on Sunday.

They said there were a few things that would need work, which they said they would do. (Uncles are GREAT)

We phoned in an offer……. and waited… how long can you hold your breath?

They countered…. we countered again, pointing out how much the work would cost… Jill said it would be best not to tell them our Uncles were doing the work… and practiced holding our breaths again….




When we got home Monday were were a bit excited it seemed, sleep was something that vanished, at midnight Megan arranged for movers, I am not sure how she did that.

In our minds we have furnished, decorated and painted each room a bazillion times.

Then we started packing, omg, we collected quite a bit of hmmmmm stuff. When packing a room, we try to be organized, label the boxes as for contents and room. Tis amazing how many boxes are labeled… kitchen… stuff.

It is also amazing, whenst packing, how fast a box fills… and how heavy said box becomes. ugh.

The things to do before moving seem endless, change of address… phoning power companies, gas companies..  internet suppliers, tv providers… eeeeeeeps again.

The signing.. omg I will not be able to sign my name for months, I am sure I wore it out. When we signed the offer Meg went first, the agent looked at her signature and said oh a doctor and passed the papers to Aimee, who signed. The agent went oh another doctor and passed the papers to me, I was so excited, and signed also. The agent looked and smiled, and yet another doctor, she said passing the papers to Jill saying here you go doctor. Jill said, oh no, three are enough I am a doctors keeper.

Our new lawn is very large, this is one of the big attractions to the house for us, then we thought about grass cutting…. eeeeps once again. Using a push mower will take forever to cut it.

On moving day a tractor is being delivered. (Jills uncle… I told you uncles were GREAT) Jill is very excited, she wants to get a straw farmers hat for when she cuts the lawn…. she has never driven a tractor. We are wondering what the neighbourhood will look like when she tries the first time.

I suggested cutoffs and a skimpy checkered shirt that has no buttons…. so when the neighbours come over to talk to her about her lawn cutting… it goes better. Her uncle said the tractor is quite fast… oh oh

Megan is super happy, the house has hardwood floors, this will be so great for her allergies. There is no wood fireplace either, we will miss that, but again much better for Meg, so we are very happy with this also. 

It is too late to plant a garden, we are not sure where to put it yet also, there is one there now, nothing is planted though, but we want to plant grass there so that is good. We can put in shrubs and some more trees now though, it will be so fun landscaping. Planting flower gardens, flowering trees and shrubs, so Jill can use the tractor to clean them up in the fall….. 

The fence needs staining, it is huge… Aimee said we should spray the stain on. I think we will need more cutoffs and checkered shirts….  She said no it works great spraying it on and is very fast… I am looking in my closet for a pair of jeans I don’t like much….





About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Congratulations Amber, Aimee, Megan and JIll!!!! It sounds like the perfect home!!! I know Jill will look very cute on the new lawn tractor….*g*

    It will be like Christmas in July in less than two weeks! Congratulations again to each of you!

  2. darkravengirl14

    Congratulations from me TOO 🙂

    With the tractor Jill can make a plane runway and u can have ur plane there. It must be a large house with lots of room cuz there are 4 of u. it had better have more than 1 bathroom 🙂

  3. I hope you’ll all be very happy in your new home. 🙂

  4. How wonderful, so happy for all of you, more space, more garden to plant your vegetables. Laughed at cut off and you scrummaging for your jeans. xx

  5. Congratulations! This is wondeful! I am so happy for you all! 🙂 love the cutoff and checkered shirt idea. I think perfect for a tractor. A kerchief could add to it too. Must be a large yard. I know next year will be the planting year, are there raised flower beds already?
    Sounds like a great home. Congratulations again! Woot 🙂


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