Moved in



After moving one would think you could relax…. hmmmm, but there is so much to do.

It seem that the boxes do not unpack themselves for some reason. We were careful to label the boxes and contents to make unpacking easier…. well we though that we did. As we unpacked we of course ended up looking for things that ended up in other boxes to utilize the space better. We have finally found most of those things though.

We went on a buying spree, replacing some things that we felt were … hmmmm well time to replace.

Shopping is fun, lol


What did we buy?



First we decided that the big freezer we had was not a cost effective appliance. I checked an online  website that compares the power use of an old appliance verses replacing it with a new one. The power savings replacing our old freezer with a new one was the same as the cost of buying a new one. Eeeeps.  We left our old one at the curb in our new house instead of moving it downstairs and then having to bring it back up…  some nice man came along and took it. (he did ask first) woo hoo, so that meant we had to shop for a new freezer, not as much fun as shopping for other things, but we bought an upright instead of the chest freezer, it is great to see things easily and with the chest freezer reaching inside to the bottom is hard, people have been known to fall in…. ……(adds extra dots for dramatic effect)  hey we are not short the freezer is just tall. ……… (adds more dots again) ((adds a serious look to avoid any short jokes))

The freezer was delivered and the nice men asked if we had an old freezer to take away, sheish we could have got rid of it twice.

Next was a microwave, ours had a crack on the handle and it was getting slow. So off to the electronics store, of course first a bit of research to see which one we should look at, there are so many to choose from but interestingly enough not as many different brands.  We noticed when peeking online that there were a couple of models that had grills in them, like a toaster oven. Hmmm we don’t have endless counter space so that seemed interesting. Off to the reviews…. Everyone seemed to like it. Ok, the price was not much more…. To the store we went. The four of us went right to the TV section… what? Oh that was on our list also but we came in for a microwave, we just wanted to compare prices first for T.V.s , also to see what the different sizes looked like as we were still wondering how big a tv to buy, some are 75 inches long, sheish. A salesman came charging over right away, he walked right by  the nice man that was already there, waiting…. looking at tvs, to talk to us. I think he didn’t hear the grumbles that nice man was making or the not so nice words the nice man said as he walked away… oh oh.

He asked if he could help us, we asked a few questions about the tvs… he said it wasn’t his department but he would try to help, he saw us from his department and thought we needed help… I wondered if he saw the nice man too?… hmmm.

The prices were high there for T.V.s , he said they would price match anyone but we found one the day before at Costco that was a lot less money and had a better warranty.  He didn’t know too much about the tvs so we asked if he knew where the microwaves were.. he smiled and said yes that was his department. Woooot so that was good he would be able to help more than he did with the tvs… the nice man that left grumbling probably wouldn’t have received much help from this sales person anyway, unless he wanted to know where the microwaves were….

We followed him to his department, and he asked what type of microwave we wanted. Jill said one that heats things up. We nodded. Aimee said we like to defrost in it also. We nodded again. He asked if we wanted one over our stove and we said no we wanted a counter model with a grill in it. He said that would be great but they don’t come with grills in them.


Jill was standing beside the one we saw online and she reached over and tapped the button marked “grill”

I opened the door and peeked in and looked at the grills…


He looked too

Hey, this one has a grill he said.


He should go back to the tv section.

We asked if he had any in stock and the tag said yes there was one, he went and got it. phew, it was on sale too, woooot.

He carried it to the front checkout and told the three girls working there… this microwave has a grill in it. They said no way and looked…. They could work in his department  I think. After they were finished reading the box they took our money and we quickly left before he called over the janitor to tell him about this nifty feature the microwave had.

Wooot we have a new microwave, we tried the grill option the next day, we made scalloped potatoes in 7 minutes and the top was browned.

 Two days ago we went back to Costco and picked up our new tv… it is a smart tv but I am not so sure about that. It still shows commercials…. (debates adding extra dots)

We still have some rugs to buy, area rugs, some for bedrooms and one for the living room. Drapes too for some rooms, though we have bought the living room drapes and the kitchen blinds, they are even up, yay uncles. (pssst they are very handy)

One of our screen doors was missing a screen, Megan noticed that when we looked at the house before we bought it and picked up a replacement screen. The day after we moved in she pulled the frame out and I watched her put the new screen in it, wow it was pretty easy. So I went and got the screen from the door in the sunroom and used the tool she had to fix it as the screen was loose at the bottom, wooot. I am a home repair person now. The tool is like a pizza cutter, it rolls the screen back in the groove and the rubber thingie holds it in place.

We have been trying to do things in an organized fashion. But this becomes difficult, whenst unpacking a box you stumble across something you wanted earlier… so you rush off with it to put it or install it where it should go.. then you see something else that needs doing in that room and the box you stated with goes unpacked.

An example, we were unpacking a box from our shed and stumbled across the big scissors that cut branches. We rushed outside to trim a tree that was annoying us, soon we were cutting branches all over the lawn and yet another box went unpacked. Before we knew it there was a pile of brush…. Eeeps what are we going to do with that?

Jill phoned the city and they said if we cut it up small and bundled it that we could put it out with the trash… hmmm that sounds like a lot of cutting and bundling. We piled it neatly for later…

A few days later a very big truck pulled up across the road with a wood chipper on it, the city was clearing some brush from a park like area across the street and sent this company to do it. hmmmm.

We went out and said we had a few branches could they grind them up… Puppy dog eyes work great… they said sure bring them out. Woohoo.

We each made four or five trips…. And apologized each time as our pile by the chipper grew at an alarming rate…. They kept saying no problem bring them all out.

So we did.

I didn’t know we had cut down that many branches, but when they started grinding them up it only took a couple of minutes and the pile was all gone. We smiled a lot. We gave the work crew hugs and went back to our clean yard. It sure looked nicer with the sideways forest gone.


eeeps this post is getting very long.

We have been looking at paint colours, soon we will have lots of fun. 🙂

We have soil to move, trees to plant.. hmmm and buy… shrubs and plants it seems endless. The grass needs cutting too, I hope Jill has had enough practice.




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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Yay for a new home 🙂

  2. I think we need to see videos of Jill backing up in the tractor!….*grins*….congratulations to all of you on your new home…..everyday it will feel more like home….*s*…..sounds like you have made LOTS of progress in just a couple of short weeks…..uncles are nice aren’t they?

    have a wonderful time turning your new house into your home!……*sends the biggest of hugs*….oh oh, hey, someone needs to move that big pile of topsoil!….*points*

  3. Nice! The microwave sounds fabulous! Nice feature to grill as well. 🙂 Also, the tree and the timing…awesome! Sounds like a lovely home 🙂

  4. You made me smile aft spending 6 hours packing boxes -all uniformed until it was oh heck just through it in there… I have numerous boxes to unpack as of during the week, so I feel your pain. Yay for the grill option in the micro though. Glad you have moved in, ready to enjoy you’re new home. xx

  5. darkravengirl14

    haha I like that the microwave has a grill. I should tell dad and he will go out and buy one. so did u paint therooms yet


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