green grow the rushes o

hmmm but not so much our lawn.


We knew our lawn needed some tlc, there are a lot of weeds growing though and they seem to be doing quite well.


Wait what are rushes?


I don’t know, lol

We have been spreading top soil to fill in the tiny holes and dips in the lawn, to make it nice and flat. We filled in a garden too as we don’t want a garden there, we have another spot for one, but that will be next year. We need to fertilize too.

I was told that lime is key, we need to spread some on the grass, I googled it and yes lime will make the grass stronger and weeds weaker, when weeds are doing well and grass not so much, soil acidity can be the culprit. We will test the ph, but I am sure we need lime, so how much? Perhaps the ph testing will tell us. This is something we don’t want to do in the heat as the grass doesn’t like lime when it is hot. I don’t get that because lime is great when it is hot…



 We are going to spread some seed this weekend on the spots we filled and the garden, then another load of triple mix to sprinkle on the top of the lawn and then more seed…


Since moving in we haven’t cut the lawn, it just really doesn’t need cutting, the grass is green but not growing. So if we do all this work we can start cutting it twice a week…. wait… something is wrong here.

Triple mix is a mixture of top soil, peat moss and manure, the lawn should love that. blech. I think lime is better….

Oh great more shoveling. Do you know how many shovel fulls of earth there are in a trailer load? I made the mistake of counting…. eeeps now when we are only half way there we know…. tis hard to stop counting. I haven’t been for many runs since moving in, if we keep moving earth I am going to bulk up. eeeeps that is not good at all. We need to find another way to move earth.

We want to build a shrub garden in the front too, that will take a lot of earth, so it will be a larger truck load this time. Perhaps if we back the trailer up really fast into the pile that the earth will just fall in? I will see what Jill thinks… hmmm she really likes to back up slow.. well she doesn’t really like to back up at all. Oh this is not good. Perhaps if we just get more of those yummy lime drinks and some lawn chairs we can tempt some neighours into moving the pile of earth?

We are doing some preserving this weekend though, it may rain a bit and the farmers markets are filled with fresh produce now, so time for some pickling. wooohoooo. A peck of pickled peppers… hmmm how many peppers are in a pickled peck? oh great more counting. or is it pickled peppers in a peck… what is a peck?

Wait we are not putting down pickled peppers…. phew. Beets and Dills though, mmmmmm.  


and…. why does gas go up in price over the long weekend when they say there is no price fixing? hmmmmm?





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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Busy, busy! Best of luck with the lawn…gardening is not a strong suit, but lime sounds reasonable.
    Sounds lovely though, the dill and beeta, woot! I hope it all goes well and you get some late blooming before winter. 🙂

  2. Good luck with all of the gardening! I am sure it will all come around in a season or two, I can’t imagine in my wildest dreams you “bulking up”. I think you are teasing us! Please tell Jill good luck backing up the trailer, surely she is getting more confident every day. She will get the hang of it in no time I am sure. *s*

    Oh, a “peck” equates to 8 quarts… that is a LOT of pints… will be working long and hard it seems!

    Congratulations again on the wonderful new home! *Waves*


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