I’m only human

 A while ago I blogged about Anna Clendening, She sang on AGT (Americas got talent) and has moved on in the competition to the next level, hopefully tonight she continues. Anna battles anxiety and depression, like so many do. To go on the show she had to overcome so much, more than most of us could ever imagine. Much more.

She did so great too.

She sang again last night. I thought her song choice was incredible, listen to the words.

 I can fake a smile

I can force a laugh

I can dance and play the part

If that’s what you ask

I can do it

but i am only human

 You see, when you are fighting these things, depression, anxiety… and so many more,  you put on the “face”. You may not let others in, you fight alone. Mostly because no one can understand. You do not wish to be a burden.

So you wear a mask, people can not see past it, they don’t know.

We can’t fight this alone though. To seek help is a strong thing to do. Stigma makes it so much harder to do.

Stigma works both ways, the only way the stigma will ever be removed is with understanding, knowledge. This must be brought to light by those that suffer, those that treat and those that support. Mental health must be removed from the darkness. Judgement must be removed from mental health. Accept, support, try to understand. You won’t, not completely, but you have to try. 

oh, but not in an irritating way please. Let trust build, do not judge, for you can’t.

but be there. It is not so hard to be there, oh you will be told not to bother… but bother.

Because behind that mask, and you know someone wearing that mask, someone you know has one on right now, the numbers tell me this, That Someone may be on their last day. Someone like Robin Williams who’s mask was comedy, so no one saw past that. No one saw the last day approaching, it was hidden behind a mask, it is so sad.

A smile is easy to put on, but perhaps it is not a true smile.

Are you wearing a mask? playing the part? faking a laugh?

It is a good wall to hide behind, but this is part of the stigma. Be strong and tear down that wall and take off the mask.

let someone in. take someone in.

Stop hiding behind that mask, that smile. Help is hard to get at times, it is a struggle for many, many give up. Don’t. Be noisy, seek help, don’t fight alone. Be a burden. but be. you are not alone.

Look at Anna. 🙂

oh vote for her too.





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