Do it yourself. you can do it….

We decided that we need to move some of our garden tools and some storage items out of our garage and into a shed. We want to build a very nice shed that does not look like a shed, but that will be for next year. So in the meantime we just need a quick fix.


last week we found a good deal on a shed that was on sale and was even cheaper when we paid for it, wooot double bonus. It will be delivered this week. It is not pretty but it will hold some of the items that are in our way now and we can hide it behind the garage.


but needs to be assembled.

It will be nice to have the extra storage though.


But that will be easy right? To assemble? 


 We told our neighbour that a shed was being delivered, he asked who would put it together… harrumph.



I asked Megan and she said it should be easy…. she didn’t sound too confident though. hmmm.

Aimee said there will be four walls and some sort of roof… hmmm she will be in charge of wine beverages whilst we build it? eeeeeps lol.

Jill giggled. oh great.

I have a hammer.

I really do, but Megan asked that I leave it in my room when we build the shed. 


It is metal and Meg said it may dent easily. 

so how many parts could it have?

 I mean there will be directions to follow, just a few parts… They said it wouldn’t fit in the car so they would deliver it. hmmmm.



Jill checked with online comments and they said if you follow the easy to follow directions that you will have no problems, if you don’t….. well then…

strange things may happen.


hmmmmm. It will be hard to get the push mower in the door.

shedtree (Small)

oh that could be fun…. ok so not that one.


Ok I like this one and it comes with a hawt guy too, woooot. But our shed will not look like this one, next year though..

So building it should be easy, with four of us, one getting wine beverages, one reading directions, one going you can do it woo hooo.. and one building…. 


it should be up in no time.

Because there are very handy instructions to follow. … and I go wooo hooo really well. 

pssst guys don’t read the instructions so they have more problems building. 


It should be easy. *nods lots*



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Got an Alan key? That puts anything together – good luck hun, breathe in…breathe out lol

  2. Best of luck! I have faith in four women, wine, and directions, “whatever” to the dude. 🙂 Though I confess, building a few cabinets was a tad tricky, I always forgot one little thing…but it turned put ok. 🙂


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