The shed went up, woooot

Well we did it. We built a shed!

The day before assembly we worked on the floor, there is a kit of sorts that has framing that you put plywood on.We made the frame, there are a lot of parts. We bought a cordless drill with a screwdriver tip to put in the million screws it came with. Then the frame is placed on cement patio slabs and leveled. You don’t use a hammer at all. darn. I am good at hammering. 

eeeps patio slabs. Plywood, we checked the box and sure enough there were no patio slabs or sheets of plywood packed. Sheish.

Off to the building supply store… but plywood is in big sheets and even if you try to, folding it to put in the trunk doesn’t seem to work.

What do you mean it is not cut to size?

This shed thing became more complicated, but we remembered the look our neighbour gave us when he asked who was going to assemble it.

do you deliver small loads?



puppy dog eyes really work you know.




woohoo, yes today.

ok, now… the plywood is in big sheets?



do you need it cut?

You can do that?

No problem, what is it for?

We told him, he asked what shed, we told him the model, he smiled and said he just put one up.

Jill said how long did it take…

Two full days, with a helper.


But he said he would send the plywood cut to the right sizes for us.


group hug

hmmmm, he liked that.

now… patio slabs…. what do we need?

He showed us, ugh, they are heavy.

Aimee said we could load them in the trailer we have for the  tractor and drive them around to where we were building the shed. Jill nodded. I told her she could back them right up to the right spot… oh oh I got a look. lol.

He said watch your fingers, the patio slabs like to bite.

eeeeps, I looked for teeth.

He said we needed drywall screws too, to attach the plywood to the floor. 

Megan nodded she read that in the instructions. So we picked up a bag of them, she checked and our drill had the right tip for them.

We had to rush home, they were going to bring it over right away. Darn no shopping on the way home.

Not too long later the truck arrived and two guys hopped out. hmmmm.

They asked where we wanted it…. way back there?

No problem, they pulled a cart out and loaded up the patio stones and off they went. Hey watch out they bite…

Is the shed going here?

Yes, against the fence, by the frame….

They spread the stones out, measured, adjusted and said they were level, our lawn was quite flat there. (Jill rolled it a lot with the big heavy roller all week) They put the floor frame we made on the stones, adjusted once more and said that was perfect. He said we should put the plywood on the floor in a bit later than the instructions said, as we will need to assemble the shed away from the fence so we could get to the back of it, then to pick it up and put it on the stones, then to put the floor in so it will be lighter to carry. Oh good tip. 


They then brought over the plywood, did you get drywall screws? One of them asked. Aimee pointed to the bag.

You are all set then he said, we signed and off they went. darn.

We went to see a movie


The next morning we attacked it, we started early as it was going to be a very hot day. 

In no time the walls were up, we brought a little step ladder out that we use in the kitchen…. hey no short jokes… so we could work on the roof. We peeked over the fence and our neighbours eyes popped out. He got his ladder and peeked over.

Wow, you are really moving along. He pointed to the plywood, aren’t you supposed to put that in before the walls?

Jill said if we leave it out it will be lighter to carry the shed into place… 

Jill is very smart.

He said oh that is a good idea, I wish I had thought of that when I made mine. His wife was nodding a lot.

Then he looked at the roof assembly and asked if the instructions said to put that on now, before the door. Megan handed him the instructions.

He looked… turned pages… hmm he turned red a bit… don’t you have English instructions? Aren’t these in French?

uhm…. oui.

he mumbled something about a French shed…

Aimee said something in Japanese… Megan giggled

We finished the roof and were starting on the door, I went next door with a loaf of poppy seed bread we just made, it was rising when we did the walls.

His wife asked us how it was going, I said we should be finished shortly. You had time to make bread and build the shed? She looked at her husband and started to laugh. eeeeps. Didn’t it take you all weekend? eeeeeps. 

As I headed back I heard him mumble something about French instructions having a lot of short cuts…

We were glad we had the tip about keeping the shed away from the fence, when we finished the four of us picked it up and put it on the patio stones, in went the floor, woohooo it fit perfectly. We used our new drill to put in the screws.

It was perfect, we rushed back to the house to start loading it up. 

In no time it seemed quite full. lol. hoses, rakes, shovels, buckets, carts, tires, ugh.. we need another shed.


Can you see our smiles?







About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Congratulations on building your first shed. I actually built my own office here in the Seattle area (in my backyard). My deck project after that was a lot easier. What is your next project! Thanks for sharing this story!

  2. Woohoo!!!

    aahhhh those sneaky french instructions with their short cuts… 😉

  3. Congratulations! I still think you could make a reality t.v. show out of all of your assorted and sundry home remodeling projects! *s* You would all be stars!

  4. We showed him didn’t we? Who is going to assemble it, yikes. also… I am a good backer-uper-er, it is the tractor that is bad at it.

    • Bol. Yup. Bad tractor. We should get that fixed.

    • Jill, I know that you are highly competent and given your month or two of experience, now considered a professional backer-upper…..accordingly, you are hereby awarded honorary status as a citizen of the Commonwealth of Virginia!….*wooooot*…….we have plenty of fields to plow and work to do….so hey, you have a job to fall back on just in case…*smiles*…

      Congratulations on all of your many home improvements – inside and out!

  5. Congrats ladies, who says women can’t do what normally states would be a ‘mans’ job and yes surprising how quick they fill up!

  6. That is awesome, and in French! Sounds like a very involved project too. I bet it is beyond lovely, and even cooler knowing you all built it. Ah, the comeuppance was the best part with the bread. Go girl power 🙂


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