Scotland is still….. uhm Scotland woooot

The world watched with baited breath… I am not sure what baited breath is, having sat in a boat,  fishing….. I can imagine and… well blech. But, everyone was paying close attention.

My ancestors were Scottish, I feel great affinity for my Scottish bloodline. I am told I can do a great Scottish accent, but sometimes it has French overtones which gets a lot of giggles. When I try my accent out on people that are more recently from Scotland and still have wonderful accents.. I do receive nods… and somewhat strange looks as though they are wondering which area I may be from… some suggest area 51…. eeeps.

But Scotland is still… wait what is it? Undivided. hmmm. Maybe it is more divided right now. I know Quebec has gone through this a few times, and each time it seems more divided.

Read on, I have more…


It is mostly an emotional thing, when separation becomes the issue of the population. Financially, it seldom makes any sense, often when people peer down the road, financially it is a potential disaster. Emotion though, rules.

Heritage is a big issue with Quebec, I am guessing with Scotland also. Sometimes when NO is the vote, changes are made, to make the family get along better, concessions are granted, ways change. Hopefully this will be the case with my ancestors Scotland. That with this vote, they are made more comfortable.

We Scots are tuff you know.  I mean, look at the national flower fthistle, try picking a bouquet of those. That is how another Scottish thing was created, a little known story, but this fellow was wandering the highlands and sat down to rest, of course Kilts offer little protection…. and the resulting sound that echoed through the hills made one person create.. bagpipes so they could replicate that sound….


eeeeeps, ok don’t believe everything you read on the internet….


I do like the sound of bagpipes though, it must be something in the blood. Now another traditional item that Scotland is famous for Haggis-001 … hmmmm

ok, I have not tried this as of yet, I will someday. I watched a “how it is made” show last week, where they showed… how Haggis was made, and what it was made from. Possibly why I have not tried it as of yet, I am sure it is yummy though. uhm… *nods convincingly* 


I am glad that Scotland did not vote yes I think, though this is not for me to say. I also liked how they allowed the future to vote in this issue, the youth. I would hate to see a Scotland divided, struggle, though perhaps that would not be the case.  Perhaps with this vote, changes will occur to make the family less divided so this will not continue to be an issue. 

Alba gu brath





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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Oh, Scottish heritage! Well, that explains just about everything. *s* As for that rather prickly looking flower (is it really a flower?), ugh, I don’t want to think about it.

    You have been talking about Haggis ever since you watched that t.v. show. So I have taken the liberty of looking up traditional Scottish cuisine. (After investigation, I am using the word cuisine quite loosely mind you.)

    At any rate, I think it will be fun for you to prepare an all-Scottish meal for the housemates. Perhaps even when you have company over! *g*

    Here are some tasty (again, a quite loose use of the word) suggestions: Sowans, Cullen Skink, Hairst Bree, Crappit Heid, Finnan Haddie, Collops, Kilmeny Kail, Clapshot (a vegatable???), Granny Soakers (I don’t even want to know) and Rumbledthumps (that may be the flower above). Now to quench the undoubtable thirst that all dinner quests will no doubt be experiencing, why not wash it all down with some sumptuous Athol Brose or Irn Bru?

    Oh, one last suggestion: Megan tries everything first! *w*

  2. I have a bit of Scottish too and wondered. I hipe things will get better. After having read on it I had mixed feelings, and still do. All rhe same, totally agree. Hopefully they will come together again, the Scots who said yea and those that said nay…it would be tough after all of that, but I have faith in the people.
    Those dishes sound interesting. If you do experiment, yes please do share how it went. 🙂

  3. maybe later. maybe its good they are part of the uk. however they choose it is democracy and that is good. I want to vote to

  4. I watched that how it is made show with you, I don’t think I want to try haggis. But if you want to try some of the other traditional Scottish dishes I trust you. 🙂

    I hope we are not going to plant the Scottish flower though. 😉

  5. my mom once said that it is not the independence, but that you can choose. Scotland did goo no matter what they chose

  6. I am Scottish, but wasn’t allowed to vote because I now live in London. You are so very spot on about the divide. I can’t quite remember the voting count, but think it was around 58% said Yes and 42% No. That is bound to highlight a division of opinion. What is even more surprising is that it has actually caused a bigger rift between the Scottish and English Members of Parliament. The Scots say the English shouldn’t interfere in their policies and the English saying Scots shouldn’t be allowed to vote on English matters in Parliament. No, they didn’t get independence, but it has changed politics in Britain forever and has potential to isolate Scotland even further than before.

    • The division may fester, when it is this close. Each issue will make people think of separation as the key to solving so many things, not possibly seeing the new things that separation brings on when independence is granted. It is so like what happens in Quebec, it is always an issue. 😦

      now… the Scottish dishes that Chelle mentioned in her comment, which ones should we try. 😉

      • Well, you’ve gotta try haggis and some square sausage is a must. Yes, that’s right, “square sausage” can only be found in Scotland. It’s a flat square piece of sausage meat and usually quite spicy. Like haggis, it has a taste of its own

      • hmmmm, but I saw them make haggis on a tv show. lol. eeeeps Cat.

        Now I have to google square sausage.

  7. Sorry, I meant 58% said No to independence and 42% said yes


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