Just catching up

We are becoming much more settled in our new house, we are even starting to call it home, it is starting to feel that way.


It is interesting what you learn when you have to remedy things in a home. Creaking doors, lights that come on when no one is there… doors that slowly close on their own.


Hey, don’t watch cheesy shows like ghost hunters late at night and then expect to check out some of those things, or even turn off basement lights… I am just saying…

Creaky doors were easy, we squirted oil on the hinges. Pssst be sure to have a rag handy for when it drips.

Lights that come on by themselves were fun also, we have outdoor sensor lights, some inside too, that come on when motion is detected. So when the lights pop on, in a fenced backyard, we all peek out the windows to see who the trespasser is. Then do rock paper scissors to see who gets to check. Seems it is the wind a lot of times, but there are tiny screws on the sensors to adjust them so they are not so sensitive. great… hsp lights, but I digress. 

Doors that close on their own are very annoying, I checked too, there are no ghosts closing them… I don’t think. hmmmm.

But I fixed them, well Megan helped. It is good to involve others in tasks, it makes them feel wanted and needed. 😉


Mostly a door that closes on its own means the door is not “hanging” true. This can happen with sloppy installation or the building settling. Either way when a door is half way closed…. slowly closing oh so quietly so you don’t know it is doing so…  and you turn and walk into it… it messes up your day. Tis worse when automatic defence mechanisms trigger and the door ends up smashed against a wall with a hole in it….  ok well a dent. psssst don’t sneak up on a martial artist.

So I googled this, as it is hard to fix dents in doors and get door knobs out of walls….. just saying.

It seems the fix was pretty easy, you only need a flat screwdriver and a hammer. woooot I have a hammer.

Using the screwdriver you pry up the hinge pin, you can gently tap it out with the hammer. Then put the pin on a firm surface, like a brick or cement block and whack it with the hammer…. well tap on it, I whacked it. You want to dent it or bend it. Then carefully tap it back into the hinge, test the door. If it still closes on its own do the next hinge pin. Some doors took all three pins to be smacked before the doors stayed in place. I think the doors see that you mean business when you start swinging the hammer…. so they just start to behave.  

But woooot, all the doors behave now. You can call me Miss fix it. hmmmm well I may not answer, but you can call me that, I have a hammer too you know.

Oh Oh and we found out that we can cook a lot more than we thought in our pressure cooker. We made macaroni and cheese last week. hmmm or was it the week before, in only five minutes, from scratch, it was so yummy. Very cheesy and very creamy. Google recipes, there are lots. It takes longer than that just to cook the pasta normally. I know that has nothing to do with fixing doors, but I just wanted to pass that along with out making a full foodie post because it was so yummy.







About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. I have lots of little home maintenance things that could use a true professional such as yourself. Have you thought about expanding your expertise beyond your national borders? *g* O.k., just teasing. Congratulations on fixing the creaking, closing on their own doors. Though I am sure that just about everyone held their breath when they saw you fetch your trusty hammer.

    Please have the best week!

  2. I did not know that about doors. Glad it is fixable. It would scare the heck out of me…and the lights too, especially the lights.
    The things, and repairs you have to learn owning a home…yeah, it is a bit. But it is awesome when it feels like “home” too. For some reason it takes awhile for a new place to be “home.”
    It sounds like a lovely home with the aroma from the kitchen especially as Fall is in swing. Are the leaves turning where you are? Do you have a favorite pumpkin recipe? Just curious. 🙂

    • It is interesting at how long it takes, it still doesn’t feel like home but definitely closer. I think we need to see all the seasons first to fully fit in. Our leaves are magnificent now, lots of colours, except all the ones on the lawn that came down this week….

      I made pumpkin soup at our thanksgiving, I do love that, but pumpkin pie is bestest, even better with ice wine. mmmmmm

  3. You should start a handy man..woman blog! 👍xx

  4. Oooh look at you with a hammer.. Do you have a hard hat? Um, I don’t think one is required for fixing doors.. They just look good. I wish I had one. Okay.. Getting carried away.
    I love that you fixed the doors. Wish I could, especially when they hang wrong. Those sensor lights freak me out, although I love them. I wish I had invented them – well, not really, but they are super. I love pumpkin soup too. You made Mac& cheese in a pressure cooker???? I don’t have one but my lovely mum can’t stop talking about hers, wish I had one now.
    Pssst… I’m house hunting too.. Don’t want any ghosties in mine.

  5. I’ve got a few bits and pieces of home improvements that would really love you!


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