Trick or hmmmm hey those are my treats

It is getting closer again, that night when we train our youth to go door to door to become candy thieves…

It is horrible, we buy all these wonderful sized titbits of chocolate, candy and tiny bags of chips…. and they ring the bell and ask for them or threaten to do dastardly tricks….

We are not sure how many will come to our door this year, each neighbour we ask has a different estimate, I think we need to have enough for four hundred of them.


Well we could have one to two hundred, maybe more who knows?


It is on a Friday this year, so no doubt there will be extra monsters dressed up as nice cowboys and princesses ringing our bell, or trying to.

We were shopping last week and bought our pumpkins with some of the treats, I know we need more treats, but we got four pumpkins, woooot, now we can have a contest carving them, it will be fun. We also get the seeds to roast, which we did with the pie pumpkins I used at thanksgiving to make soup. I wonder if the scary pumpkin seeds are as good as the pie pumpkin seeds, they were amazing.

I, still maintain that a frightening pumpkin is key, something that makes the little dastardly fiends… go somewhere else, something that makes them gasp in shock… and run away.


That is it.. wait with four pumpkins we can have a striking effect….




woo hoo, they will run next door for safety.


When I suggested this to my roomies Megan said perhaps we could do something like this…



sheish that won’t scare anyone and it only uses three pumpkins.


Jill saw this one and giggled.



I think that won’t do it either

I had one that I posted last year that is close…



It does look beyond my carving skills though, are there carve by number pumpkin kits?




I saw a few like this and it looks easier to do, but where does the candle go?


We need something really creepy





That looks like a lot of work, I don’t have  a lot of tools, really only a hammer. I am a very good hammerer though.

I checked to see if you can carve a pumpkin with a hammer, wooooot

Using-cookie-cutters-on-pumpkins-image (Small) 

I don’t know if I have all the right cookie cutter shapes though. Is there a scary nose one?

You can get real simple though, just careful tapping…




Oh look Jill, this one is better



Oh drat, our pumpkins are not large enough…




Wait… I found it… I have to go shopping




Trick or treat indeed….. I am going to animate it




About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. They sell those orange pumpkins at halloween time here which is nuts because no one carves pumpkins and barely anyone celebrates halloween. My god, 400 kids! Crazy!

  2. So many kids, yikes! Must be a good candy giving neighborhood (we used ro map out the good areas when I was young). Still, point, on a Friday more teens are likely…and generally more kids too as more parents may indulge them in going. Thankfully, those samall candies can go a long way.
    I love the pumpkin effect with four; it could be awesome! But what to do? So many options when you can do more than one, even have them interact somehow? ? Saw that somewhere…

  3. Would you care to look at my most recent post and possibly order a shirt? I thought of you when I set up the booster with the donations going to that cause. Also If you could spread the word? It would mean a lot Amber ❤


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