Catching up… yet again … so rambling time

Phew.. I am behind on blogging, time keeps zipping by for some reason. I know the days are getting shorter, well less light, but it seems they are getting shorter too. Being busy must be the culprit. I should retire. lol

So I will ramble and rant now, you know… to catch up.

The news has been interesting, we landed on a comet! (we being humans), considering how far away this happened, and how fast the comet travels, this is quite an accomplishment. So the next item that boggles my mind…. is why “kids eating laundry pods” is in the news so much. 

LaundryPackets (Small) cute huh?  not when you eat them though.


I get that the pods are not food, perhaps brightly coloured and tempting… but they can’t taste very good.. what boggles my mind is why parents are up in arms over this? I haven’t read how kids are drinking bottles of bleach or all the rum and vodka in the house… noooo that is put away in safe places…. but why not the laundry pods? Why is this the problem of the pod people… uhm manufacturers? I am sorry but I just think the parents are irresponsible. You can yell at me, but be-careful I may tell you that you are a goof. Kids like to poke around, test things, you don’t let them play with knives? Drink Shampoo? Play on the highway? tis ok to play with the laundry and dishwasher pods though, and then look around amazed… blame the people that made them. Oh wait, it is their fault that they made them brightly coloured. If your kids ate dull coloured laundry  pods, then it would be ok? I am very sorry that kids are sick over this, the numbers are very high. I love children and hate to see them harmed. So yes, I am not unsympathetic… I just feel the wrong people are being blamed. I like brightly coloured dishwasher pods, I am not going to eat them though, and when kids are over at my house…. I WATCH THEM!



We are getting ready for winter now, it is close enough we can feel it… blech.

Snow tires are on the cars, yes we use those, I hate driving around, seeing people with “all season” tires, slipping and sliding and not making it up hills, yes snow tires cost more… but then your summer tires last longer. And… (yes I started a sentence with and… ) the cost of your delectable… on your insurance…. from the accident you will likely be in… because your “all season” tires are every season except winter… did not give you traction so you had an accident. Hmmm in this case it should be called an on purpose not an accident. BUY SNOW TIRES, it snows here.  Oh and clear off your darn windows, you lazy drivers, I hate seeing a car with a tiny square of window cleared… where the driver is peeking through.. probably with bald tires…. STAY HOME!   …. I am driving now, I want all the goofy lazy people to stay off the roads… sheish.


eeeps two rants in a row…

ok, back to getting ready for winter.. deep breaths.. lol.

We have a couple of older windows in our basement, so we are going to winterize them this weekend. To do this, you apply a plastic film that is taped to the window with a two sided tape, then using a hair dryer it shrinks and tightens to a tight seal. This helps cut down on lost heat. We will change the windows at some point, but we can’t do everything at once. We put a seal on our skylight last week, it worked great, you can’t even see it. 

the leaves on our lawn are all raked up, well mostly mulched with the tractor, last weekend we cleared away the last of them, well almost, two small trees still had/have leaves on them… I tried shaking one to get the leaves to uhm.. leave… and discovered it had thorns… owww. So now we can put the snowblower on the tractor… or get a lucky uncle to do it… to be ready for all that Mother nature throws at us, Jill is looking forward to blowing the snow, well we all are as we had to shovel it in the past and we have a much larger driveway now. This should be interesting…. eeeps 

blowing snow

eeeps it is not that big a driveway….

Our Halloween was quieter than we expected, but it was very cold and raining, almost a snow, I guess this kept most of the candy monsters home. The bonus is, we had lots of treats left over to munch on. I wonder if we can get more of them….. Aimee and I carved very scary pumpkins, they even had ears and horns that stuck out and eyeballs… Jill and Megan kept theirs a secret until all hallows eve… Megan carved Boo in hers…. and Jill followed up with…. Yes – Boo   …. They got a lot of giggles. 

There.. all caught up I think.












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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. I saw the landing on the comet – oh my gosh, what a feat! I mean those things are fast.. Er, well, you already said they were… But they’re super fast, 80,000 mph fast.. Can you believe? How did we do that?
    Okay, moving along… What? Why? I mean who eats pods? I like peas. But that’s as far as I will go. Laundry and dishwashing liquid pods are not my treat, although the colors are divine. Who’s not watching those kids?So the pod people will now have to stop making these because kids tried to drink them? I had not heard.. But you can bet I will be keeping a close eye on the news. I don’t use pods. Thank goodness.

    Yuck! yuck, and double yuck to the cold. Does it seep in? I mean before you winterize the windows? Brrr. I would be terrified of driving with just a patch of clear space on my window. It’s bad enough when it rains and water splashes faster than my wipers can clean.
    Lots to do.. I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving.. Do you have Thanksgiving earlier?

  2. Those pods do look pretty delicious though!

  3. We have pods, well not actually pods, they are square and pale blue most of them with either a yellow or orange ball or square, they don’t look anywhere as enticing as yours. Yes up to the manufacturers to make them look unappetising and also the parents for keeping them in locked cupboards or up high! Comets, snow tires, leaves and Halloween, a lot covered here. Glad we don’t have snow, I couldn’t bare it. Halloween has come and gone (I know I’m late) we didn’t get any trick or treaters knocking, which was good as I am bad and never had anything to give( waits for the pillow whack) as not many celebrate it. Yay to the comet landing, as long as the little ship thingy holds on as the anchors aren’t hooked. 😞

    • There is talk that they will have to make the pods drab looking. it is too bad, they are very cute now, but they don’t look edible, sheish. Safe places to keep them though, to me, is a simple thing. They say not up high as kids climb… again.. sheish.. so if they fall off the kitchen counter… does the counter maker get sued too?

      Double S told me that you don’t have much Halloween there… you should start it up, then you can spend a fortune on candies… and then eat them later. 😉

      It is not looking good for the comet lander, the batteries are failing and it can’t charge… a tow truck is ten years away. darn. Maybe an alien will give it a boost?

  4. I have to agree with you on the pods…never did get that. I have childlocks on my cabinet though as my cats like to play with things and have figured out how to open cabinets. It is a thing with them.

    Sounds like a lovely Halloween.

    Did not know you had Thanksgiving in October. More leftovers early, I am all for leftovers.

    Snow tires also a thing out here and currently snowing. I have new tires on my car as it is new, but I confess I do not know if they are all season or snow. I shoild have asked when I bought the car but it slipped my mind..may need to look into that soon.

    Yeah, the aliens may have to help with the comet landing but I heard it managed for the most part? Been doing classwork so hard to catch up. Ah well. 🙂

  5. I think the pods would tastes like soap. and aren’t they kept with the dish soap n theres lots of chemicals worse so if they only ate the pods they r lucky

    • I don’t understand why kids are eating them, or how they are getting at them, they do get quite sick though. But you are right, there are likely worse chemicals in the cabinet that the pods are kept in, so the parents claim that the pods are too attractive and it draws the kids in…. so don’t buy them?

  6. Lovely to hear from you, Amber. AND, yes, the days are shorter but it is remarkably mild in London (13C today), it was the same last year. Our tree’s still have half the leaves hanging on for dear life and the colours aren’t as nice for autumn… prob the Met. weather office to blame…

    … Yes, lets blame it all on the forecasters just like we do the manufacturers of pods. I haven’t read anything about children actually eating them, but did notice a new advert on telly advising parents to keep them locked away. I have locks to stop curious animals, it beggars belief why a parent would leave access to any cleaning product. The red white and blue ones in your pic doooo look yummy… they might just fit in my mouth!! Even if they were black or grey, a curious child probably would still have them in their mouth…. then parents can blame the manufacturer for making them look so shinny…

    I used to use the same amazing window covering, but when the cats were alive, they had fun running their claws down the film (naughty pussies) until they resembled streamers. This year I do plan on buying some more, but as I’ve barely any hair left, I might need to borrow your hair dryer!

    Last, but certainly not least, WOW, landing on a comet… another HUGE step for mankind…. Kepler planets here we come!!!!

    • It is very cold here today, we have snow on the ground and very high winds. I am not sure of the temp, I think it is, with the wind chill, -15 – 20 today. We did have incredible colours this fall on our leaves though, they said the summer was perfect for a rainbow, they were right.

      I read some articles on how it wasn’t even safe to store pods high… as the children climbed to get them.. sheish… how about don’t buy them then, if you have hungry unsupervised acrobats running a muck.. I do become annoyed when careless supervision becomes a campaign to remove a product.

      I giggled when I pictured your windows… I can so see the kitties having such fun with them. Kat, you need a new kitty you know.

    • Hey… you started a sentence with and. LOL


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