Mother Nature needs some time off

Mother Nature is at it again it seems. We plunged into winter, snow fell, then a bit more fell, some melted and she noticed… so she sent some more.


She seems confused today as she is picking her snow up and swirling it all over the place, like she doesn’t know where to put it, I do wish she would make up her mind, we shovelled our driveway twice this week, the snowblower is going on our tractor this weekend… but with her tossing snow all over the place… the snow we shovelled is going to end up in the driveway again. sheish. where is my exclamation mark… oh here it is !!!!!



Now to top it off, this weekend it will be warm again, quite warm, so of course it is going to rain. All the snow is going to get wet. Wet snow is usually not good for much. Christmas decorations don’t look very nice in it, cars slip on it, it tends to freeze… and then it is not snow any more, but hard ice. hmmm I need those marks again !!!!!!

It did look pretty when the snow fell, many houses are decorated now, ours included, wooot, and the decorations look so much better with white fluffy snow.Β 

We had enough to cover the lawn, then we received more and it was deep enough to build snow people. I looked at the white fluffy snow and remembered someone, so I flopped into it and made a snow angel. This is when you lay in the snow and move your arms and legs.. oh wait a picture is easier…



When you are finished the impression in the snow, looks like an angel. Ours, I say ours, didn’t look look like that though. Aimee saw me making the angel and when I said who I was making it for. She smiled and lay down beside me and made another one, the two impressions were holding hands. She said there, that is more like it.

Double angels for Double S. πŸ™‚

It is still on the lawn, but it may have filled in today, darn mother nature… blowing things all around. She should go on vacation, to a nice beach down under or something, you know, so she is out of the way… Β well out of our way.

It has been cold too, but cold nights are made for hot chocolates. Last year we bought a big box at cosco… (Yes that is a plug coscto… so don’t forget to send me a few cases.. lol… no really) of a mixed selection of flavoured hot chocolate.Β 



it had a lot more than 35 pouches in it though, as most items at Costco are in the army issue size, enough to feed a small country…. or four room mates… . Β This year we bought it again, they added another flavour too. mmmmmm


I don’t know which one I like best, they are all great.

With the wind blowing, snow falling and snow angels in the back yard, Christmas lights blinking over the snow…. snuggled with hot chocolates makes winter almost… well it makes it down right cold… lol. but the hot chocolates are yummy.







About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. You guys are so sweet! Thanks for the angels, Amber and Aimee! πŸ™‚

  2. Ooooh, oooh, chocolate. Did you say hot chocolate? Um, notice I went right to the chocolate and not the snow. I don’t like snow. No wait, I like snow. Love angels too. That was cute. I don’t like cold. Brrr. Nope! Your Costco sells chocolate I grew up eating Down Under???? What ? By the way, do not send the cold Down Under. I don’t live there anymore but a certain someone we love will not appreciate snow flurries traveling down there. Nor will all those lovely people who have been waiting for their Summer. Oh, oh and don’t send it here to California. I’ll take the rain but not the snow. Now if you want to send me some Rollo or Aero chocolate.. I’ll take them.

    • It is hard to get used to them having summer when we suffer with winter… and the other way around. silly people with backwards spinning drains πŸ˜‰

      pssst, they are very nice though

      • uh huh! lovely people. Psst…noooo, as a member of the Down Under club, I still think of light switches, cupboard doors and writing dates as backwards here.. I just keep wanting to move forward and they keep telling me I’m writing it wrong. Sigh.

      • light switches are different also? wait… cupboard doors? they open in? *faints*

      • Yes, light switches move from top to bottom not the other way around. Cupboard doors open left to right.. uh..okay, I’m confused. I have to figure that one out. I think that’s right. Oh and we spell color, colour and favor – favour…

  3. Lovely snow angels. Will there be enough to make a snow fairy village too? As much snow as you are getting I am sure Calvin and Hobbes would have a field day.
    Sledding. I would aled as much as possible.
    Nice chocolates! Love the variety pack they come in. The Aero looks different. Would it be a bit malty then?


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