…Insert clever title here…

It’s beginning to look a lot like… hmmm Wednesday?  and why is the n before the e in Wednesday? English is a bit bizarre sometimes. See it is easy in French… Mercredi much easier.

Woo hoo we may have snow tonight, that will make the Christmas lights look so pretty, of course it will be warm this weekend again and it is all going to melt… so the dilemma… do we shovel the driveway or wait?

oh oh oh, speaking of Christmas… points up.. see I was…. There are so many Christmas movies on now, they seem to have made a lot more of them, we watched one the other night that was a remake of a remake of Miracle on 34th street, of course they didn’t call it that, but it was the same, sort of. Santa was on trial and a couple became engaged at the end of the movie due to the request of a daughter. It wasn’t a fantastic movie but it was cute in places and sort of not in others.

My question, this time of year, is why The Most Important Christmas Movie Ever… hasn’t been remade?




Recognise him? Cute huh?

come on, you know that was the bestest Christmas movie, so why has it not been remade?

You know, using advanced computer generated graphics, perhaps like the Reindeer in the move The Santa Clause, they were funny and cute. Santa could look more realistic too. 

but when you look up at the picture….. points up again… ruddy is very cute isn’t he?

hmmm another dilemma.


What? we covered the movies, I am moving on…

try to keep up please.


I am not, I just like to have a daily fix… uhm, that isn’t addiction it is a life style.


see now this one is true, I am hypoglycaemic, having convenient stashes of licorice is important. *nods lots*

pro_licorice_eater_small_mugawww you don’t have to be a  professional, wait they pay you to eat licorice? hmmmm

licorice_mugNow that isn’t true either, I will eat most any licorice.


That is all, you may carry on with your day now.  I am off to google recipes for mulled wine….




About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Licorice is great…but I had no idea it too could be an addiction. Which is your favorite then? Regular red or a flavored one?

    Maybe they do not want to mess with the perfection of childhood that is Rudolph? But still, Pixar or the guy who did Wallace and Grommit could make it happen? Good question.

  2. Did not know that about licorice, but bonus 🙂 On this one I do see potential…and a bit of bias for Pixar to do it. I think they could rock it. 🙂

  3. Oooh Australian licorice is completely amazing – don’t like it here anymore, I feel like I’m drinking medicine. I could talk about chocolate, can we? can we?
    Okay like you, I have given this some serious thought. We watch the movie every Christmas and I often wonder why it has not been re-made. A Disney-Pixar collaboration would be fantastic. Oh I hope no one re-makes the Hobbit. I really like Peter Jackson directing the films. We are planning our trip to the cinema this week- as in a big event plan. When are you going?


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