Oh, Ho, Oh

OH look at the calendar… Christmas is getting closer, the mall parking lots are becoming much harder to park in and more lights are on houses. wooot.

I saw a commercial for an upcoming T.V. special, the question was asked… How many Christmas lights are enough… the answer was something like… don’t quote me…. six hundred thousand four hundred and thirty two.


tacky_lights_richmond_main (Small)

now I am sure this isn’t the house in question


That is enough it seems, six hundred thousand four hundred and thirty two. 

eeeps, isn’t that about forty five too many?

Perhaps it was this house?

Outdoor-Christmas-Lights (Small)

Do they use those strings where when one light goes out they all do? So you have to wiggle all the bulbs to find the one that is not working and then the string comes back on? But if two lights are loose it is much harder to sort out…. I mean virtually impossible…. What dumbo invented those strings of lights and why do they still sell them? I mean really, that makes as much sense as those handy pull tabs you find under the ketchup bottle that never pulls off so you have to cut it out anyway and then you  have ketchup all over your hands…. arghhh.

That is as bad as the other day, when I decided to check the scent of a hand cream in a store, I opened the handy spout on the bottle and gave it a tiny squeeze to see what it smelled like, we don’t like a lot of perfume in the house, Megan has asthma, it is not fair to see her choke up over smelly scents, well the gentle squeeze caused the hand cream to shoot straight up and collect on my nose. Where were those handy pull tabs then?!?!? At least my nose was moist, so were Aimee’s eyes as she really teared up…. laughing. I mean really. sheish. She didn’t want to smell it, I offered, I held the bottle closer to her, but she said she would defer to my judgement as she backed away…. 

Going to shopping malls is such fun now, you don’t have to even go in to have a good time. Just walking up to a car with your keys out, you know a car that has an amazing parking space.. right by the doors to the mall…. then watching all of the circling cars zoom over, some even bumping into each other as they jostle for position… horns honking, the drivers trying to play the pretty sounds of jingle bells….uhm…. and then you smack your forehead like you forgot something and go back into the store…. People like a bit of levity as they try to park, to you know, to lighten their day…. 

what? it is good to have a hobby. 

 I found a cute santa cookie/candy jar yesterday when shuffling things around at home. So now I need to stop at the bulk food store on the way home to buy some candy to fill it with. I would put cookies in it, we did a lot of Christmas baking, but it would empty too quickly, then it would be a cookie crumb jar… ugh. 

10346-santa-cookie-jar-bw_1_1 (Small)

He always looks happy to see me!

I like the bulk food store, they have a lot of candy. Now I need to plan what to buy, which is best, mint, cinnamon, chocolate, combinations of all… licorice, well that is a given but they can go in a separate container… 6c360d133d0b5ede (Small)

But some of the candies are very pretty, they need to be on display.

They won’t get dusty either *nodding wisely*

DSC00822 (Small)Someone will be sure of that… I think Megan, she seems to have a sweet tooth…. It must be her. 

I have to check costco again too, to see if they have the institutional size of the lindor chocolates. You know, the round ones with the centers that are always so yummy. 

B002RBTV78_lindor_chocolate_upclose_lg (Small)oh oh, now I am craving some. Yikes.

  We defiantly need a very large box of them, they are a house favourite. Sometimes we even let company have one, then we put them away…. *nods wisely again*

We want to do some more Christmas baking this weekend, mostly because it is fun, then we can box up a nice assortment of cookies and take them around visiting. People let us in their houses when we show up with cookies. 

Ho Ho OH?








About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

12 responses »

  1. I would let you in my house with all those yummy cookies and the candy just looks lovely. I had a similar experience with a squirty nose, but with shower gel… that’s all I could smell all day long and it brought tears to my eyes!

  2. I hear you about Christmas baking and how quick it goes! I made cookies and tarts the other day and they are almost all gone… no wonder my pants get tighter over the holidays :/ eep!

    Oh Amber your parking lot fun is so devilish! I love it!!! People can get so uptight this time of year I think some fun and laughter are definitely in order 🙂

  3. What do they pull tabs on ketchup do? I have never heard of them!

    • Ketchup, salad dressings, quite a few things have that safety tab under the lid. the one that has a handy pull tab so you can remove it easily.. the tab that never works. I wonder who invented it and why it wasn’t tested… and why it is still on the bottles… don’t they eat their products? omg I am ranting. lol.

  4. I wrote a long answer and it disappeared into the abyss 😞 so basically. Yes our car parks are the same even at 1 in the morning. But I would be seething if I saw you go to your car then not drive off lol. Would like those candies ..trying to be good till Thursday though 😔 oh up your nose, you poor love, but good to have sweet smelling nostrils.. No? 😉 xx

    • awww, I love long answers.

      What you wouldn’t giggle and wave when I didn’t get in a car in a good parking spot? 😉

      Well it was unscented, so that was good, it was hard to get off my nose in the store though, then I had a shiny nose and it wasn’t glowing. lol

  5. I hate it when that happens–often a lotion or a gel. Yet, bright side would be a moisturized nose. Out here in winter it is a must to moisturize…a lot.

    Oh the parking lots; I like your take on it 😉

    Sounds like your holiday cookie assortment will be fantastic! For me gingerbread…no clue why but this time of year is the only time it is craved and acceptable? Conditioning? Hope it is a great Christmas up North 🙂


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