The holiday recap… or a sneaky way to combine a food post and a movie review… and another very long title.

One more party and the year is over.

Our turkey is gone, someone ate it, hmm they ate a lot of things, those moms. Four moms and a dad shared our Christmas dinner. Three of the moms stayed for a few nights, it was great. After Christmas, when the turkey seemed to vanish we tried something new, which we like to do. hmmm rhyming… oh oh.

Before Christmas we saw a movie, a big movie with small people…. with big feet. that was neat.

oh oh, it continues.


First the Hobbit, not one nor two… but three, and no the tickets were not free.

Well, my ticket was, for me.

you see.


Hobbit one was great, I loved how it matched the book, that was in my mind, yes they added some people, and changed the story I did find, but it was ok, so don’t get in a bind.

Hobbit two was pretty good, we liked it a lot. The underground scenes were impressive… but to review it again is regressive.

Hobbit three…. hmmmm. I was not sure how much I liked it when the final scene passed. I gave it some thought over the next few days.. when I had time for thoughts… I read some reviews and others seemed to agree, number three, you see, even though free, for me… was… well gee. I think I didn’t like it, even though it was still three dee.


The 3d effects seemed to be after thoughts, and not very many were there, though I did flinch near the start when people hopped in a boat and water splashed up… I ducked knowing I was about to become wet, it seemed a sure bet, that threat…. later in a fight scene, when we were below… looking up you know… rocks came a tumbling, just like snow, we again ducked expecting to be bonked or conked… or zonked.

The movie attendant said the fight scene was amazing, ok we looked forward to that, I guess. But he didn’t say the entire movie…. was a fight, from beginning to end, starting with Mr Smaug, who they did fend. Everyone seemed scrappy, not at all happy, five armies there were, most of the fights a blur. It was hard to sort out who was who as my popcorn I did chew. Everyone seemed to be swinging a sword, staff, rock or tree you see.

It seemed a lot and yet.. not much, as such. Too much is too much, a battle there had to be, but is that all we had to see? I mean… gee.

The extra characters added to the plot, bothered me not. The small changes in story added to add length, gave the movie strength. So this I did not mind, it did not get me in a bind, though this is not what I find, when other reviews are entwined. oh my some of them whined, it was almost unkind, the way they pined, as they chimed, and signed….


So, I pondered, did my love for the movie fail because I knew there would be no more? Or was I hoping that would be the case… I don’t know, it just didn’t leave me with a glow, you know.

Do I regret going to see it? no, it was entertaining and I do like popcorn…. hmmm. But if I hadn’t seen it, I would regret it, it would be an unfulfilled chapter, a loop with no end, a yin yin with no yang, it would hang, leave me with a pang…. oh dang.


The movie did not get eight thumbs up, as did the first I am sorry to say, perhaps two, or three even though mine ticket was free. Hey, can we get three quarters of our tickets refunded?

I still loved the night out, we did have fun.

now… onto the food, wooot.

A few meals after the turkey, we decided it was time for a change, mostly because there was none left.. and no it was not theft.

So out came our grill, to change things up, make something new, and no, not a stew.

First the protein, lamb chops were thawed and marinated  (do you know how many words rhyme with marinated?)

Some potatoes were sliced and set to fry, acorn squash was washed and sliced, avocados were found, dinner was looking sound. 

The grill was heated, olive oil was drizzled on the squash and lamb… The avocados were cut in half.. pits away… no not on a sleigh. Salt and pepper, not much else was needed. anything else and the flavour would be impeded…

Lemon juice was applied, tiny holes poked, so the juice could be soaked, in each half shell, salt and pepper and then some olive oil as well, it looked… well rather swell.

The squash went on first, covered in foil, we listened as it sizzled, from the olive oil, under the  foil, we did not want squash that you boil.

They were flipped and turned, to be sure none burned, cross hatch marks did form, we didn’t eat like this in the dorm…

Poked to test, cooked till tender, then off the grill… what a thrill, on to the lamb, mmmm the aroma could induce a coma…

Medium rare, is how we like it, we find it best, so that was our quest… so of course with a thermometer we did test. Presto, they were perfect, on a plate to rest… mint sauce drizzled, that makes them the best. 

The avocado’s turn was up, on to the grill they were sent to sizzle, not to a frizzle, three minutes or so, that I know. 

Off they came, and were arranged on a plate… we were not yet finished, you must… wait.

Salsa was scooped, filling the shell, topped with a dollop of sour cream, we knew they would sell.

Dinner was ready, the smells were heady. The potatoes were crisp, seasoned with herbs and garlic and onion, the smell made us drool I was no fool, to the table we rushed, a stampede it seemed, and there sat my Mom, her face beamed. Aimees too was smiling away, if I may say.

When it was complete, when the last morsel had vanished, the last crumb removed, the bones stripped clean… 

Megans Mom turned to Megan… her daughter and asked… do you eat like this every night?

Megan smiled and nodded and said, Yes, isn’t it great!

It really is. We had so many smiles, over the holidays, smiles and hugs, that is all you need. Hugs for those that were there, and those we missed… 

Now, one more party, the last of the year, and the first for the next, in our new house, that is now a home. The snacks are ready, the music queued, I picked the song for midnight, I know I will cry, I do each time I hear it, I miss her so, but the song is just so amazing.

Athbhliain faoi mhaise dhuit!




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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Lovely, lovely post. Okay, so, you know I will have an opinion about the movie with small people, elves and a wizard. My oldest and I did not watch it in 3D. We figured it would spoil the effects. The final installment wasn’t as good as the very first, or even the second but I love hobbits like I love chocolate – is that weird? It is. I will say it anyway. We mourned the end of the series. We did come home and she read the entire LOTR and we watched all the movies together. That was nice. I do think Peter Jackson is a Hobbit with a wizard like staff. No way would could someone make LOTR and Hobbit so successful.

    The food sounds amazing. Rhyming was wonderful, made my mouth water, no wonder moms were smiling and all was blissful.

    The song is perfect. I have the Celtic woman CD- haunting. I miss her. I knew her such a short time but in that time I felt like I had known her forever. No one understood my obsession with a white shirt and chocolate quite so much. Great way to end the year!
    Happy I know you. I feel blessed. Here’s to more smiles and hugs in 2015

  2. That was well done! A great poem, reminds me of Christmas.

    We did not watch it in 3D, which may have helpef? But yeah, it lacked something…

    That is an impressive dinner! Never would have thought avocado could sound even better than it is. Just so much yum 🙂

    Nice Celtic music…so very nice 🙂

  3. We went and saw it too, I do love Martin Freeman though, he’s a very funny guy love the poetical post and the food sounds scrumptious ..and medium rare is the best way to it lamb. 😀😀 So many over cook It. Glad the mums enjoyed too.
    I share my memories of her, now and then throughout the day, her name springs in my head, or when I hear a cello or Celtic music. So many cherished and special memories of such a beaugifully loved woman. Hugsss and a Happy New Year sweet. Xx

  4. darkravengirl13

    this is for mom?


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