cash prizes, awards and merry making

I received this from wordpress today
Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 3 years ago!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!
Along with a gold watch, diamond ring, cash award, wine shaped glass icon, trophy, long thank you email, Trip on the company jet to a vacation spot of my choiceA share in the advertising revenue that my blog of almost 60 thousand visits generated


Well it has been fun, I know I have not been posting very much recently though, I won’t make any promises to do so more, but who knows? Where is “who” anyway I have a lot of questions for that person and everyone says “who knows”.
I haven’t ranted in a while, I am just so content, it doesn’t bother me that crude oil is a fraction of the price that it was last year, yet gas prices are returning to the RIP OFF CATEGORY yet again. It doesn’t annoy me when I hear the oil companies and banks report record profits during economic bad times…. noooo that is just fine,  and yes I am using the word fine as it is really intended this time, you know, when a woman uses the word…. as in what is bothering you….. “nothing” pssst that is when the rockets have launched and you only have seconds to seek the fall out shelter…..
butttttt, I am not ranting now and everything is great, we are in the middle of winter, what is better than that? The snow is piling up, so that we can’t reach the top of the piles anymore and need to get a step stool to pile on more…. well not with the snow blower, it just tosses the snow far away, that is great and it is fun to use, we actually all want to blow the driveway… I even blew the street a bit last time, but we shovel in the back by our patio and walkway and the piles are tall enough to ski off now, woooot. I wonder why we shovel the patio, we are not going to sit in it, it just looks nice to be shoveled. Maybe we can make an igloo with the piles or tunnels.
It is going to snow today, hmm and over the weekend too, which the forecast said is to be arctic like temperatures again. That is great too, it is nice when going out freezes your cheeks, it gives you that nice healthy look….
We have a long weekend this weekend, Family day. Yay! I just wanted to toss that out there, for those that don’t have a holiday this weekend to make them feel bad… eeeeeps. did I type that? ugh. 😉 psssst you can all have Monday off, it is our day off too, so the long weekend sort of misses us, other than we will take Saturday off… hmmm that is probably confusing a lot of you.  Happy almost Family day. woooot.
 As I typed the tags, which are important for attracting visits, I noticed the irritating difference in spelling for those that don’t like the letter “u” and stopped using it in a lot of words, no not wourds… that would be humorous, something with humour.  Notice how the u is not in humorous though? English is very strange. But I digress, if I tag with humour and do not include humor, will that mean that tag would be ineffective? Oh and whilst I am talking about blogging and wordpress. I DO NOT LIKE THE NEW STATS PAGE! Yes I keep clicking on the “show me the old page”, I like it better, I click on that too.  OH and move the follow button away from the reader button, so I stop clicking on unfollow my blog when I want to click on my reader…. 
You would think that after three years I would know blogging things like that… but maybe that is a google thing, and who understands Google? (seee, there it is again… “who” understands google…..) 
oh oh oh, did you read how smart TV’s are eavesdropping on you now? Smart TV’s have a voice recognition feature, well some do, maybe all? You can say change the channel or increase the volume and it does… but it also records everything it hears, Samsung sent out a warning that you should not say anything that you don’t want anyone to hear?!?!?!? They said they record everything that the TV hears and sell it to anyone that wants to buy it. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSS
Then I read that phones are doing the same thing, when you use the voice commands for your phone you have enabled your phone to send things you say to the manufacturers. ugh. I am going to say a few choice things later. *nods*

About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Happy blogoversary! Wait! Is there such a word? Anyway, Happy three years to you. I have not figured out my menus on the blog … You’d think I would have, after five years. I probably don’t tag my posts properly either – my readers have vanished, erm, they’ll probably reappear when they want to. Maybe hiding under my cupboard or their cupboards or hibernating.

    So are you popping open a bottle of champagne? Cooking some yummy food in honor (N.B. I said honor not honour, although I am more used to honour) of your anniversary?
    So much snow!!! Do you have photos?

    • pictures of snow? eeeeps why? lol. I panicked a few days ago when I read DTA was finishing after this season. Then upon more poking around I saw they are signed up for season 6 and the fellow in charge is happy to keep going until past 2020. YAY, The children will be all grown up at the speed they are …uhm.. growing at.

      • I like snow. Lots of pretty white stuff, snow angels and all.. I don’t want to be in it of course 🙂
        I saw that too. Noooo I wailed, but then I heard that Julian Fellowes will keep going and they are signed up for season 6… yes!!! I can’t wait. I saw the Christmas episode – lovely, lovely. I think you will love it.

  2. Yay for 3 years! and Happy Family Day coming up… here in BC we had Family Day last weekend… cuz you know we refuse to conform to the rest of the country over on this side… or something like that anyways :/

  3. Happy blog-anniversary 😉

  4. What is family day? An actual holiday to be with family? It sounds sweet. My TV would hear a lot of swearing…

  5. Happy blogiversary! This made me smile a lot, and giggle a bit.
    Sounds like a nice holiday to have, a family day. And I understand the non-rant, right there with you on that one. The fallout could be a bit entertaining.
    As to the tags, I have been trying to be better about it too. Humor without the u I think is an American variation? Yes? No? I am ashamed I am an English major who does not want to make a firm stance on that guess (edging on confident though).
    The stats page…yeah, it is interesting…*shake my head* yeah.
    Meantime, sounds like good snow up there. And I wager some good baking times too. 🙂

    • I really dislike the new stats page, the post page also. I use the old ones for both. We have some fresh snow, can I send it over?

      • Ah. Yes, I have found the same with the mobile stats page too. At least there are options to still use the old way…hope they keep those.
        I have a feeling it is coming my way this weekend. Should be good and chilly as February should be. 🙂

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