Light me up.

bulb (Small)

No I didn’t have an idea.

Light bulbs, there are a few. Led, Incandescent, CFL (not the football league), Halogen, probably more that I have not noticed. We have choices.

Well not so much. Choices, Incandescent bulbs are getting harder to find now, our government is banning them. Seems they decided that they are energy inefficient. hmmmm. I know they produce something like 20% light and 80%  heat, whereas the other bulbs, well some of them, produce more light than heat. LED produces almost no heat. We have some LED lights under our cabinets, for uhm… under cabinet lighting.  Was that redundant? They are more pricey though, the LED bulbs are still in the omg range.



fluorescent (Small)CFL bulbs… compact fluorescent light are more efficient and cost effective. Bu they produce a terrible light, harsh and white, they don’t last long. I know all the packaging and articles go on about how long they last, but we have tried them and they don’t last long. They also seem to explode a bit when they are finished. 10385640-large Things even ooze out of them sometimes, but we are switching to them, because they are much more efficient.


Back to the Incandescent, the ones that produce more heat than light. SO?

We are in a country that offers us more cold weather than hot. Our winters are quite long, we heat our homes…. so when these government hmmmm articles, propaganda… are issued saying how they waste money… DO THEY? What is wrong with the lights helping to heat our homes? Was this taken into account when they said, in the articles, that they are not efficient? I bet not.

Ok so you can say what about the summer, then you are producing heat on top of the heat nature is providing, hmmm perhaps, but in case you haven’t noticed, in the summer we often do not need lights, nature provides that too, with long days. hmmmmm.


no I am not humming.


kewl (Small)

I just liked this picture so thought I would toss it in, tis my blog so I can do what I want to. lol.


I do not like the CFL bulbs, I haven’t seen one good attribute to them.  Halogen is too hot. LED led (Small)is nice the colours can be warmer, like incandescent. But not at over 100 times the cost please, give me a break. They say they will last a very long time, ok but they have only been out a short while, how do they know they will last for a very long time? huh?

CFL bulbs come in various colours of white lighting too, but they are all still harsh and they don’t last, I also don’t feel comfortable taking a bulb out that is brown and oozing, I wonder what is being released?!? You can’t dim them with dimmer switches that were installed for incandescent lighting. There is mercury in them, so you are not to put them in household garbage, you need to make a special trip to a disposal site, you don’t want to store them when they are finished, so a trip each time… the mercury is sealed in the glass so it is safe… because no one ever breaks a light bulb?!?!?……..  signs that you were exposed to mercury when you clean up are: Difficulty moving, trembling in the hands and memory loss all are signs of mercury poisoning. The heavy metal can also damage the kidneys and liver. scary huh?

If you break a bulb the recommended procedure is: If you drop a CFL and the glass breaks, you must follow certain procedures to stop the bulb from releasing toxic mercury vapor. First, tell all people in the area to move to another room and remove any pets from the area. Turn off your furnace or air conditioning to stop air circulation, and open a nearby window for five to 10 minutes to air the room out and release any mercury vapors. Sweep up the broken glass carefully, and use a disposable paper towel or cloth to wipe down the area. Then seal all the collected waste into a plastic bag or another airtight container. Do not use a vacuum to clean up as it will circulate the air through the house. What happens when you break a bulb on a carpet??? I also love opening a window for ten minutes when it is -40 out. You feel very fresh afterwards.


Did you read all those warnings on the box when you bought it? Are they even there? oh wait, you are exempt from mercury poisoning? Seems there are other things oozing out of the bulbs too, some are sensitive to the type of light, there is also a protective phosphor coating on the bulb, when it is cracked the bulbs are now a cancer causing risk. Oh great. But it doesn’t end here, when the bulb is on, in normal operation, it is also producing carcinogens

“CFL bulbs contains other cancer-causing chemicals as well. German scientists found that several different chemicals and toxins were released when CFLs are turned on, including naphthalene (which has been linked to cancer in animals) and styrene (which has been declared “a likely human carcinogen”). A sort of electrical smog develops around these lamps, which could be dangerous.”

hmmmmm, nope still not humming, but now I am sorry that I started reading about the bulbs.







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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Yikes! Light bulbs are scary!

    • They are scary, I didn’t know how much until I changed one and wondered…. darn google. We broke a bulb last summer in the garage, we didn’t know not to touch it or how to clean it up in a special way. sheish.

  2. I like/prefer incandescent light. I buy a bunch of bulbs every time I think of it so that when they finally discontinue them I will have a stash. I find fluorescent light is, as you said, too harsh and it alters colour. Spaghetti sauce should never have a greenish tinge to it, but under fluorescent it seems too. :/

    • Our 100 watt incandescent is no longer available, unless a store has stock left over we can’t buy it now. Next will be the 60 watt bulbs. They last much longer than the CFL bulbs and you don’t need a hazmat suit to dispose of them.

      lol I made spaghetti once using spinach noodles, they really tasted yummy but were green…. with the red sauce it just didn’t look appetizing at all.

  3. I miss the soft lighting with a hint of colour and I don’t buy those other newer kind if I can help it because they never last long and give out a harsh light. I’ve never heard of the heated ones

    • We still have incandescent bulbs, we bought a bunch in the fall when a store had a big sign saying this was it… they still have some left now I noticed last week. hmmm. I really dislike the fluorescent bulbs though, now I am nervous with them too after reading about them.

  4. I once worked for a lighting company that manufactured the bulbs, the Led or energy savings bulbs are the thing here. The government has incentives for you to replace your incandescent bulbs to more energy savings. We have many down lights and we need to replace.

  5. I do not like CFL lights either. Mainly the mercury and all of the clean up …just bad. The LED are pricey, agreed. But maybe a better alternative? I do not know.
    Good point on the heat. Oh, and your snow has now made it here. Snow, snow, and more snow. Yet, we do need it, so it works for me 🙂


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