Class Action Reward

Class Action lawsuit results


No not from suing the birdy movie people, but I think that is a good idea….

If you purchased electronics, between 1999 and 2002, in Canada you can claim $20.oo for each item purchased. There is a simple claim form, where if you only bought one device, they just send (apparently) you the money, if you bought more, and most of us would have as this includes gaming consoles and printers, you may have to offer proof. I am not sure who keeps receipts from the olden days.


From the Toronto Sun Newspaper:

Canadian consumers are getting a $20 break.

The refund is the result of historic class-action lawsuits brought against several manufacturers who, between 1999 and 2002, were allegedly colluded to fix the price of dynamic random access memory (DRAM), a component used in most electronic devices.

The manufacturers reached an out-of-court settlement to the tune of $80 million. 

Anyone who bought a computer, printer, personal digital assistant, MP3 player or video game console in that period can collect $20 by filling out a form No receipt or proof of purchase is required.

It takes just a moment and a few clicks to fill out the form. Now they need to go after all the oil companies that are stealing from us now with low pricing on barrels of oil but high prices at the gas pumps.


It is nice to see that when big business become thieves they are punished. Of course I am not saying this was the case here…..  *rolls eyes* (legal disclaimer, I am sure all the computer companies that stole from us with fixed pricing did so in a totally innocent manner/fashion and were not actually trying to get caught uhm.. steal from us)


Don’t do this again. We are watching now. eyes

go here to fill out the easy form.





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