The POWER of a hug.

I have posted about hugs before. Here.

When in therapy a hug can be powerful, but often unwanted also. This post is not about hugs whilst in therapy.

 There have been numerous studies done, on the power and effects of a hug. A lot is exchanged, the feeling of support, that you are not alone, the caring, the love. It is stress reducing, a natural antidepressant   as it stimulates the release of complex brain chemicals, many of them. A simple caring hug. Even one of those wimpy light hugs with the back slapping?… well maybe not. If you go to the trouble of giving someone a hug, make it count.  The chemical release goes both ways. 

This power, lasts for a while too, not just the moment of the hug, but long after. Children hug easily, as we age and become more enclosed within ourselves we often brush a hug off. The contact is just very uncomfortable for some, for numerous reasons. I like to overcome those reasons, when I can. So that the power of the hug can be received. 

Not everyone is a good hugger. A good hug is one that is tight, arms wrapped around, not squeezing so much that hair stands up and eyes bulge… and picking someone up in a hug… this is wrestling. It should leave you feeling cozy. If you plan on a wimpy one armed light hug.. then just shake hands.

During my rounds at the hospital, I visit with many people. Often those that are suffering with serious medical issues and their families. Suffering with very scary things. Things that are often terminal, or the fear is very strong, that it can or will be. 

I like to visit with children as much as I can, and their families. 

Tomorrow, March 5th one such child has made a request. 

He would like everyone in the world to hug each other. He would like that very much as he is going in for brain surgery, again. He wants the worlds love to encompass his mother. So she will feel comforted when he is in surgery, so she won’t worry.

This is why I like to visit with the children as much as I can.

He asked his mother to post a video on Youtube, to tell his story and to make this request.


She did.






About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Sends the most special of *HUGS* to Sebastian and his wonderful family. We are all praying for you and know you will do just great! God bless such a brave young man.

  2. In honor of Sebastian, I will hug. Hug my children, my husband and my friends. Let all that love lift him, his mom and their family.
    Somehow, all of your posts have made me smile. Not a good week. It will get better. I still smile though and watch lots of Rosemary and Thyme – British series. They cheer me up, like a cup of tea, pistachio gelato in Rome or a lazy Sunday with a good book.

    • Aww. I hope your week gets better. We watched the last downton abby of the season. Sheish. Why so few shows? But Mr. Carson made us grin. What a great cozy match they make. I picture their retirement and giggle. Because he won’t be in charge then…. and he will love it.

      • That scene brought a tear to my eye. I have been waiting for those two get together for a while now. So glad he proposed. Week is slowly getting better.
        Hmmm, I don’t like the few shows myself. I’m going to watch Best Exotic Magnolia Hotel 2. Did you see the first one?

      • I saw that it was on our TV last week and had already started, I will try to see if it is on demand. They look like they have fun.

  3. What a beautiful story….hugs are wonderful, comforting and much needed. I can’t understand those who can’t hug. I shall hug for this beautiful little boy and his family. 💙💜

  4. A great request and a blessed one. Hugging today, belated but still sending a good energy into the world for Sebastian and family. Very kind and brave little boy.

  5. I recently read a great book given to me by a good friend, called “The Hug Therapy Book” It talked about different kinds of hugs and what they are good for. Wishing you all kinds of hugs.


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