Sometimes it is ok to indulge

Ok so I like potato chips. They may be called crisps too. I think they even have a potato chip day. I wonder who started that?

Potato chips on a white background.

They come in many flavours, the companies making them are always trying something new. One company, for the past couple of years, has run a contest, where people send in ideas. Then people vote for their favourite, if the winning chip does well they get a share of the proceeds and a cash prize I think. I think I read that the winning flavour last year did so poorly that they discontinued it, hmmm if it loses money does the person submitting the idea have to cover costs?

Some of the different chips they make are very unique. uhm… yes that is the word. 

Maple Moose? eeeeps


Lets start with a picture.


Now I like these, who does’t like bacon? hmmm, well I really like these and I am thinking that I should have worked on this post after my lunch. drat.


Now I think this one has been discontinued, it was strange, we did try it and there were mixed reviews in our house. After the first few chips it seemed odd, but then after a few more you sort of craved it. Well Megan didn’t as it was a bit spicy too.

But spicy, hmmm now I haven’t seen these, are they real?

277_314_lays (Small)

Now they could be interesting. Well for some of us. hmmmm I will have to look for them.

Now this next one may get you thinking, who would be looking for these…



So there are some strange flavours it seems, I am not sure if that one was really made, who knows?


Cheese and onion is good, I don’t remember seeing them though. But this next one…. wooooot



Ok the next ones were from a contest a year or so ago

PEPSICO CANADA - Martin Short Announces The Four Delicious Lay's

ugh, I tried most of these and didn’t like any of them. The next one is this year?

14778200860_ac1d537934_z (Small)

hmmmmm, I wonder. 


I haven’t tried these either, fruit flavoured chips somehow seem just wrong. It would be like they are healthy… I mean really.. who wants healthy potato chips? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of snacks? Shouldn’t they be fun? But Wasabi and Ginger? omg they could be HOT.  I wonder if there are any left…

now this next one, I have never seen this, but I am certainly going to be on the lookout for it, I mean…. really?

Lays-2 (Small)


Sandwich chips?


Toast? doesn’t a BLT have toast? And lettuce? Isn’t that the l? Are those flavours you want on a chip? Shouldn’t they be just bacon and tomato?


CHICKEN AND WAFFLES? Why would that even be something people eat?

Now… for a big finish… one to wow you.. make you gasp even….. woohoo, this should do it.






About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Wow, I had no idea there were so many CRAZY crisp combos out there. I can’t believe there are sweet crisps – that just seems so wrong…

    • There are lots more it seems, I only picked one brand of them too. I remember fries with gravy and roasted chicken too. But yes the sweet ones don’t work for me, well maybe chocolate coated.

      How are you doing? How is your foot?

      • I guess I would try a chocolate coated one, but it would just add to the weirdness to be worrying about your crisps melting in nice weather (we’re having a mini-heatwave).

        I’m…well, I’ve been better. And thanks for asking about the foot; the bruising on my ankle is morphing into rather ominous straight lines, so I might have to go and see a doctor after all :/

      • hmmm, morphing because they are healing and fading? it is always good to see a doctor when unsure though. Is it still sore or swollen?

        We haven’t had a heat wave yet, our snow is all gone though.

  2. I do not know what is up with the chicken and waffle flavor but I guess it is the latest craze of sorts. Personally, I liked Wasabi Doritos…it was brief and have not been able to find them since. I can understand spicy, and bacon (bacon is awesome) but milk chocolate? It just seems a bit too sweet for a chip to my mind.
    Sour milk? That is my most floored.

    Indulgences now and then are a nice treat, especially gives you something to look forward to when dieting. 🙂
    Now I am craving Wasabi Doritos though.

    • Wasabai Doritos would be kewl. They had a bag a while ago that had some chips that were extremely hot in them, just a few, it was a mystery when you would encounter one, great for party bowls.

      The sour milk is like botts every flavour bean….. hope they don’t come out with earwax. ewe.

  3. These are all real? My goodness, we have about 8 flavours, but nothing as bizarre as some of for sour milk…Ech Ugh Blah.

  4. jee those are weird flavours. I’m not a “crisp” person so really wouldn’t know what flavours. I like the look of my Scottish dish, Hagis flavoured.


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