Indulging… part deux

Chocolate bars

Oh, did you start to drool? Maybe if you live in the U.S. you didn’t. 

I knew that some of the chocolate bars in Canada were not the same as the ones in the U.S.

1401237_10151719736006615_415408992_o-e1384967264545 (Small)

Rockets… not smarties, Smarties are different. Scroll down to see.


Some have the same names, but are totally different treats for some reason. But there are some that we enjoy here that are just not available down south at all. I googled to be sure, alas some of the best ones too!

I wonder if the reverse is true. The article I googled from cottage life said that :

Finding out that American chocolate bars use a different recipe will come as no surprise to Canadians who have purchased their favourite sweet south of the border, only to discover a coarser and waxier texture. But not only do Canadians have their own Canadian-ized versions of chocolate bars found throughout North America, we also have treats that are all our own.

Waxier? omg, blech, who likes chocolate that is waxy?


Again from Cottage life

Here are just a few of the chocolate bars that you’ll only find in Canada:


It turns out that the secret to these caramel-filled goodies is that you can only buy them in Canada.


Sometimes, the simplest things are the sweetest. And this bar is just that—nothing more than honeycomb toffee coated in chocolate. Clearly, Canadians know what’s up.

Coffee Crisp

While many of the other bars on this list can also be found in the United Kingdom and Australia, Coffee Crisps are unique to Canada—much to the chagrin of Canadian expats.


Proving that Canadian chocolate is superior, International Business Times reporter Daniel Tovrov described this Canadian creation as “the single greatest candy bar ever created.”

Crispy Crunch

Although the Crispy Crunch—a hard peanut flaky covered in chocolate—was distributed in the US for a short period of time in the ‘90s, it’s now only available in Canada.


Can you taste the bubbles? Well, it turns out that if you’re American, you can’t. Although Nestle attempted to launch Aero in the States in the ‘80s, it wasn’t a commercial success.


Originally sold as “energy balls” for weight-conscious women, these chocolate-covered malt balls are a Canadian classic. While a similar product, called Whoppers, exists in the US, apparently the chocolate isn’t as thick. (And really, chocolate it what we’re all about here.)

Mr. Big

Although these massive bars are available in some areas of the United States, they’re common throughout Canada. (We’re guessing that Americans also don’t have access to the Mr. Big ice cream bar flavour!)


Glosette raisins are a treat exclusive to Canadians. And while we can’t lay claim to the genius that is covering raisins in chocolate, we can claim rights to making them available at nearly every movie theatre across the country.


While not technically a “bar,” these candy-coated chocolates are unique to Canada. Ask for Smarties south of the border and you’ll get something that look suspiciously like Rockets—the cheap sugary candies that usually appear around Halloween.

malteasersMaltesersOpen (Small)

coffee crisp

caramilk (Small)

aero-slice (Small)

areo mint0116-aero-peppermint-01 (Small)


See what you are missing?



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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. This is so bad to read when dieting…but so good! It is regrettable we do not have these here. I did have a Malteser (sorry is misspelled) loved it! Whoppers are not the same, true. Now though, more than anything I wish I knew what a coffee crisp was like. Looks lovely and heavenly, and my two favorite things all in one.
    For me though, Milka or Cadbury were the bomb…when you could get them. I heard Cadbury’s recipe changed? *sigh* I have never had Belgium chocolate but the rumor is…it even puts Swiss/German to shame. I envy your Canadian chocolate…it seems so much tastier. Why is ours waxy? *shakes my head* guessing it has something to do with preservatives.

    • OMG, Coffee Crisp is so yummy. It is like a very large Kit Kat, but better. When we buy the tiny chocolate bars for Halloween I try to nab them all. shhhh.

      Caramilk is also yummy but I like it melts fast and is not as yummy when all squished together. I don’t know if it changed here or not, I haven’t had one for a while.I googled it and didn’t see anything. Areo is amazing, it is like a chocolate milkshake, the chocolate is so goooood. They had other flaovurs too, I think a caramel chocolate as well as the mint.

  2. I LUUUUV chocolate, but I’ve heard UK choc is entirely different than US, not sure about Canada, although there are a couple of things in your post that look the same as we have. I agree with above comment about Belgium choc, you wouldn’t want to eat other choc ever again after one of those yummy ones

    • I think your chocolate is like ours from what I read. Even some of the bars are the same. Now I want some Belgium chocolate lol. mmmmmmm. It is good for you too.

      • It actually needs to come from Belgium for it to be a real treat or “the real Macoy” as we say back home, all the other so-called Belgium choc doesn’t seem to be the same….truly delicious.

  3. I just consumed quite a bit of Whitmans dark chocolate with almonds….my bad 😔

  4. Omg! omg! you did a post on chocolate and I missed it? *gasps*
    Okay, so you know I’m more than likely to add my two cents and then some…

    Oooh love maltesers, just got a pack from Australia. Not one bit like the whoppers – blech!! I love smarties.. M&Ms are pretty good but I’ve grown up with smarties and the tubes they come in. I have no idea why they change the recipe. Sigh.
    Aero mint, now there’s one after my own heart. Crunchie and Violet crumble with their little pieces of gold nougat – I love. I’ve not had a coffee crunch – It looks so good.

    So here’s how I survive .. I eat Theo (sometimes the entire bar)… they’re made in Seattle, four ingredients the most, and comes in flavors like Dark chocolate and orange, Dark chocolate and salted almond, cherry and almond – they’re my favorites. They use fair trade ingredients and they’re 70% dark.

    I’m going over to nibble some now… yum!


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