You should get that looked at

We have Spring Fever, we look out the window wistfully and plan. We think about mowing the grass, washing cars in the driveway, planting flowers in our gardens, making our vegetable garden/s, planting trees, shrubs, pulling weeds, fertilizing the grass… but it was snowing this morning. AGAIN!

I think my spring fever has a cold.

We bought some trees and shrubs last weekend, we didn’t plant them, we just wanted to get them before they were picked over, in case others had spring fever.

Last year, when we bought our house, most of the garden centers didn’t have many trees or shrubs left, and they were pricey. In the spring there are many good deals to be had. Some of the trees are sort of tiny now, but they are cute.

We are excited at some of the plans we have, but we need, uhm, not snow.

We picked out some lilac trees, in different colours, some more pyramid cedars, we planted some last year, but we wanted more to put beside the fence and two on either side of our shed, that we built last year, and is still standing.  We were looking at assorted shrubs to line our patio with, trying to get some that would not become too large. Jill picked out some boxwoods and said they were very cute.  It is good to pick out shrubs that are cute.

We had a lot of trees and shrubs in our four wagons by then so a garden center person came over to help, suspecting a big sale I think. He saw the four of us with wagon loads, and I think he swaggered.. unless he was tripping on the gravel? Guys seem to stumble a lot, have you noticed this?

So the fellow that was helping us …. sort of….. asked if we knew the best time to plant a tree, I thought it may be fall, as I have heard this before, he said no…  the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.

hmmm, I told him that 20 years ago I was seven and my dad didn’t like it when I got the shovel out of the shed…. or hammers too, for some reason.

I didn’t even smirk.

Aimee gave me a secret thumbs up though. Megan started to giggle but pretended it was at a tree.

I noticed he had a nasty cut on his arm that was obviously infected, I said that he should get that looked at as it was infected.

He said, what are you a doctor or something?

Jill piped up, they are all doctors, welcome to my world.

Well it was infected.

We did get a good batch of trees and shrubs though, some of the other trees we want are not in stock yet, so we have to wait for everyone to get spring fever. I tried to spread my germs, to speed this up, I am hoping mother nature gets it soon. I mean, this morning, IT WAS SNOWING OUT! cOMe On AlrEAdY.


We may plant this weekend, we need to get bags of special earth of some sort, to plant with the trees, so they are happy and grow faster. There are lots of rocks, stones and boulders in our earth… We noticed that when we planted last year, well in some spots. It takes forever to dig a tiny hole that the trees look at and shake their branches at to indicate no, or it was windy out, I am still not sure about that, but we made them deeper, I remember the whomping willow, it is not good to upset a tree….

 I am not an expert on earth, but I think we will be getting that nice manure again. eeeeps. Who bags that? We also need to fertilize our lawn with a spring fertilizer, so it is time to sort out which is the best buy in that, everyone has different promises, no rocks, no fillers, no weeds, no burning… but we are not allowed to use herbicides, so the no weeds one makes me wonder, then the no rocks? Why are there rocks? We have enough rocks, I will dig a hole and show you, it won’t take long. What size do you like? I think there are assorted colours too.

This weekend the forecast is for some sun, not hot, but sun, I am hoping to get some runs in, the treadmill is great, but I miss doing a long run. It is fun to exercise with friends too. 

Get ready too go awwwwww.


Ok Mommy Nature, tis time, we are ready, spring? Remember? We are infected with spring fever. You should be too. This desire to keep winter forever? You should get that looked at. 




About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Oh noooo yuck- snow. Mother Earth has a message for all of us I think. We’re in a drought in California. My best friend said they are in the low 20s this wkend in NY. I’ve got Spring fever but the weather is strange, no rain, cold, then hot, then cold again and windy. I went for a long run today, my eyes were so bad, pollen flying everywhere in spite of an allergy pill, I couldn’t stand it.

    I bet the garden center man didn’t expect you to pay any attention to his infected cut but buy lots of garden related things. That was funny, not the cut but the question about being a doctor.

    We’re buying a new home. Fun but stressful. Have to visit the nursery, new, smaller back yard, I will be starting from scratch. I already miss my old garden. After 16 yrs, my back yard is finally getting to where I want it to be. Change is hard, positive, but hard. Sighs.

    • Oh you are moving, it will be exciting with new things, new neighbours, decorating, planting, waiting for everything to grow. I hope you get some water soon.

      Well his cut was infected, lol maybe he was using some of those bags of manure, and you know what goes in them…. ugh.

  2. The boxwoods are cute, and they are full of leaves, we can shape them I think, like sculptures. The exercising puppy is very cute too, we should get some of those.

    Poor guy, I am surprised you three didn’t team up on him, do a full examination… 😉


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