Marketing.. or is it lack there of?

Product size changes.

hmmm, change is good? I mean when things are going along just fine and dandy, we should change the sizes of packages, make them smaller. It is the wise thing to do. Give people less and charge … uhm more? Yup that is a good plan.


no one will notice


Ground beef. I have a beef with this package size change. It is ANNOYING.  where is my explanation mark. !

A while ago, bacon changed from 500 grams to 375. But we found, at costco, better bacon than we were buying, still packed in the 500 gram package, and it is less costly.

So the hamburger people said, that was such a great idea, lets do this too.


Ok, so I plan on making a meat loaf, the recipe in my head calls for 500 grams…. about a pound of ground beef. Most recipes seem to follow with using a pound of ground beef when you follow along, it is a good amount.

But now the package of ground beef they were advertising at such a great price…. when you read the size… was only 375 grams….

Do I add extra bread crumbs?

another egg?

lots of extra seasoning?


me thinks… someone in marketing land…. is a total idiot.

When we buy ground beef to make hamburgers, which we did last night, and they were yummy, a 375 gram package, will only make three burgers. Jill doesn’t get one?

She will be annoyed. We will have to hide when we eat ours, so as not to upset her….

We should make extra french fries?

When the marketing person feels bad about their silliness and it torments them, when they come for therapy, I will have five minute sessions for them, so as not to upset them.

I will of course invoice them  for an hour. You know, to keep with their trend.






About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Actually I think it is a trend to get you to buy more and then spend more. Or pay the same price for less product ergo paying more that way.
    That is so frustrating. I have heard a pound (500 mg) for recipes, agreed, but 375 grams? Just to make you buy more than needed surely 700 grams…and then what? Leftovers I suppose? Either way you bought two and not just one…racketeering I think more than marketeering.


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