Yes… another rant, sort of

Some things in life are confusing for me.

A Quebec judge just awarded 15 billions to smokers in a class action law suit, which of course the tobacco companies will appeal forever.

The tobacco companies argue that their products were sold legally and warnings were on the package that basically say they will either kill you or harm you severely.  They even provide images of damaged lungs and such on the package that are quite gross to look at. I was going to post some here, but the word blech, just isn’t enough.

There have been cases where the government, in various forms, has sued the tobacco companies.

So there are two, possibly three things about this that confuse me.


They are sold legally.

The government taxes them, with the claim it is to discourage their use….

Yet the same governments income from this “discouragement” is in the multiple multiple multiple billions of dollars each year. (yes I repeated the word)

Have you ever looked up the word hypocrite? I think it sort of applies here, but in a sick sort of way.

The governments have sued and fined because the hospitals fill up with sick people… from smoking.

Yet continue to collect tax, to discourage…


Smoking at one time was “cool”, accepted, almost forced upon one.

This is not true now, for the most part it is frowned upon. It is addicting though, this was a strong part of that lawsuit.

If you truly wish to quit though, there is a lot of help for that, yes it is hard, I suppose dying from the damage smoking causes is easier, so no sense trying to quit, perhaps tomorrow? 


Tough, I have seen people that gasp for breath with each step they take, because tobacco smoke ruined their lungs.

It is very sad to see, when just walking across the room is almost impossible.

What confuses me is why people now start, why it is legal to sell them, why the tax is collected, why the companies continue to exist to kill people.

Just the second hand smoke, that innocent people are “forced” due to selfishness from uncaring smokers, causes health issues. When someone with asthma walks by and then spends hours gasping for breath, because someone was not content with just killing themselves, they don’t really care if they do this to others too. They really don’t. Look up selfish too. 

This industry should not be defending themselves in court.

This should not be an industry.

People argue for gun control, become upset when someone goes on a rampage and shoots up a mall or a school.

Yet this industry kills many more people and continues to exist.

The numbers of people that this industry kills, will be staggering over the next decade or so.

From smokers that did see the light and quit, but it is too late, the damage is done.

The government will complain at how the hospitals are filling up with people gasping for breath.

Shake their fingers at the tobacco companies… and continue to collect tax… to discourage.

hypocrite.  look it up.




About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Oh puleeez did they really need health warnings years ago about the dangers of inhaling smoke, or were the people just really stupid back then? I agree, it’s hypocritical of any Gov to profit from smoking, they should plough the lot back into health services. I’m afraid I’ve been a secret smoker for years and go to great lengths to hide it

  2. Well said…sad thought, I think the government may not have any compunctions collecting all that money at the cost of lives. They profit as do the tobacco companies. I have friends struggling to quit…worries me honestly.


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