Which GOT, huh?


not as in “have

Many know GOT as Game of Thrones now.

Which game though?

The books or the T.V. show?

Seems there are two different games afoot.


I only know this from hearing about the T.V. show.

You see I haven’t watched it.

Gasp… yes I am the one.

I did read the books, I read them with the intent of then watching the T.V. show.

I really prefer to read the books for any movie or T.V. show/series before watching. The books are just always better. Well except for one. How to train your dragon, the movie was much better than the tiny short story that they made it from. This is the only experience I have had where this is the case.

I loved the first book of the series. Game of Thrones. GOT. I couldn’t put it down. I am glad it was on my e-book, to not put down a book with over one thousand pages… is hard on your arms…

The next one was good, not as great but good, this became the case with each of them. I read the next book in the series with great expectations, the third as well, I read them quite quickly, then it became more of a chore, favorite characters were having major troubles… I am not going to spoil with any clues, just major troubles.

After reading the last book available, it seems we have a very long wait for the next installment in the series, I lost interest in watching the T.V. show, I am not even sure if I want to read the next book. I will, but I am sure more disappointment will follow.

Oh not everything is a bed of roses, I know this, but the books are for entertainment, it is nice to be contented when reading them.

It seems this theme follows the TV show (I am tired of putting the dots in T.V.).

Disappointment. The writers of the series have branched away from the books. Considerably. Changing most everything it seems. I don’t know how the much desired and craved next book in the series will work its way into the TV plot. I know the producers were pressuring Mr. Slow Writer to hurry up, but now, I doubt he needs to write another book, it won’t make any sense. I think the TV producers have outwitted him, made him redundant, what he writes now is not needed, they can continue without him.

But will any one watch?

Oh you are nodding your head… wait are you dozing off?

Ratings for this tv series (I got tired of capitalizing TV) were very strong the first few seasons, they grew and maintained their levels through each season, as in they did not drop… until this past season.

This is season 5, the premier in April had eight million viewers. Apparently record breaking numbers. I would have thought the number to be higher, but what do I know. The second episode lost over a million viewers. By number six.. it was down to 6.2 million. oh oh a trend.

Wouldn’t that make the producers go… oh oh, people are losing interest we should see why and change it.

Episode 7…. 5.4 million 

HBO doesn’t seem worried, they think a new streaming service is just misconstruing the numbers. It has nothing to do with people being dissatisfied with the show…. Did they work for target?

The last episode saw some 7 million viewers, I wonder how many were happy with the final show. How many will watch next year, I bet most will for the first show or two, but if they keep making everyone unhappy, the cooking channel is going to have record viewers.



Hey HBO….. winter is coming….






About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Well, I just have to comment as Game of Thrones is one of the precious few television series i watch faithfully….(True Detective is another one)…..I do read quite a few blogs and such and am keenly aware that the t.v. show this season deviated in a number of substantial ways from the books…..

    That said,, this season was the most depressing yet on Game of Thrones…..now and again I so wish the writers and producers would throw us a lil modicum of hope …..after all that occurred this past season on the t.v. show, it is just so difficult at times to stomach…..after the last show i won’t spoil anything but lets just say I felt an emptiness about the whole experience….as in, what is the point of continuing to invest and watch and care when it all seems so utterly pointless?

    I am not sure what else to say…..am rambling as it is…..but gosh knows that from an attracting viewers standpoint (and I understand the ratings for the finale were excellent), it would seem beneficial to not kill off the precious few characters that have shown a decency and humanity that is apparently all too rare in the world of Westeros…..

    Winter is Coming….God Bless Jon Snow!

  2. I love your take on TV (my phone apparently feels it should be capitalized…but I side with you on that one).

    I am still working on reading the first Game of Thrones, may this summer but have screenplay stuff to work on, novel, editing for aunt, etc. so we shall see. Still my other friend got me watching it concurrently, I am up to season 3. Yet, from what I have heard the show is now next to nothing like the books. What is the point in that? I admit I do wonder if it is so they can continue it without George R R Martin in case he passes before he finishes? Hollywood does what it does. In a way, if they were worried about the author it was a preservation move, and that is being generous.
    Sigh. I do not know. All I know is what I have heard, and that being the case…sigh. All I can muster for it. They are two separate entities, I agree. The books vs. the series.
    I hope HBO goes back to the books more so. It may help?
    Either way though, books are meant to entertain, and I believe also to instruct in a way. To inform the soul as well as the mind. Maybe it is straying too much from that?

    • I bet the phone likes to be called PHONE too lol. I really liked the first few books in the series. Screenplay? Are you going to be famous?

      George is a very very slow writer, I am sure the producers are more concerned that he can not keep up with creating content for the tv series, I think they have eliminated that concern now, his next book will have little to do with the tv series. I can’t see how they can return to the book timeline, they removed characters and changed the way a lot of them interacted.

      • I bet PHONES do. Persnickety Phones. 😉
        Maybe…it is actually a screenplay about the book my aunt has written about my grandfather. He led an interesting life. The novel is of course doing its thing…slowly coming along but improved since last. Then another screenplay my sister and I were working on and now Kevin Smith is working on the same idea (proof maybe in and connectivity to creativeness? Meh we may continue as ours would be different but nice to know we were on a similar brainwave of a guy with both respect and admire).
        I was wondering about that. I heard they have strayed so far it is unlikely that they can go back to the storyline, but I think that is a real shame. Yet, it kind of makes sense if you are worried the author will not finish anytime…well maybe ever. Still, it also seems are tad unfair. How can it be a song of fire and ice if it is not along the same melody as the original? It is like a really bad cover version of a song…or worse yet, poorly song drunken karaoke night. See what they do next I suppose?

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