Someone doesn’t wake up one day and decide from now on they will be homosexual, lets give it a try. They may wake up one day and accept it, they may wake up one day and decide to stop hiding it.

It is not a choice, they are or they are not.

I often read blogs under the same sex marriage tag, condoning, How they carry on is disturbing, one such blog recently was praising homosexual aversion/conversion therapy. This scares me. It doesn’t work, it is very dangerous and it is just WRONG on so many levels. It is also against the law in many places to practice this practice.

These blogs indicate someone that is homosexual is a sinner, their God will deal with them at some point. Wonderful pressure.

Studies now show in zones, states, provinces, countries, where same sex marriage has been legalized, anxiety and stress levels among the homosexual community drop. A LOT. Naturally, is what you should think.

This is too simple.

What does this mean, people are healthier, hospitals are less busy. Isn’t this our goal?

Why should someone, that did not make this choice, be told that some ones God is going to deal with them, or they should undergo homosexual aversion therapy so they can be made “Normal”.

But they are happy, we need to change them. Well happy if accepted, not discriminated against, welcomed. Redhead, blonde, brunette, LGBT or not. Same thing.

Isn’t it?

Left handed, right handed.

Tall, not tall.

Come on!

What is normal? Is normal someone that is content shocking someone, or chemically “adjusting” their behavior?


Before you start to rant at me, I know some religions will say they should pray for the Homosexual, they should treat them with dignity, then they turn around and say they are sinners, will be dealt with, should not be allowed to marry.


So perhaps they can exist, as they can no longer be shocked into submission, but lets parcel them off to the side somewhere?

crude, lets rephrase.

They can live together, they will be sinners, but we will respect them, but they can not marry.


Marriage is for reproduction.

It is?

So if a couple does not decide to procreate are they sinners?

I just like to toss things out like this to get you thinking.

Because if your homophobic, I feel you need to do more thinking. A lot more.

When I have to treat people, with difficulties induced by your homophobic behaviour, it annoys me.

I am not going to enter into religious debates. Everyone is free to choose any religion that they may choose. I am not bashing religion. Many are more accepting, many are adapting, many are not.

Marriage has nothing to do with religion. Your marriage may be a part of your religion. Someone else’s marriage may be a part of their religion, whilst another pair may have a civil ceremony, but are still married. No religion. 

When I read in these blogs, how it is advised to convert homosexuals, I become very annoyed. “No credible health organization supports conversion therapy and in fact, most condemn the practice.” This quote is from Ontario Health Minister Dr. Eric Hoskins. Tis true too.

I can offer quote after quote, reams of them. From other countries even.

American College of Physicians

“ The College opposes the use of “conversion,” “reorientation,” or “reparative” therapy for the treatment of LGBT persons.

Available research does not support the use of reparative therapy as an effective method in the treatment of LGBT persons. Evidence shows that the practice may actually cause emotional or physical harm to LGBT individuals, particularly adolescents or young persons. Research done at San Francisco State University on the effect of familial attitudes and acceptance found that LGBT youth who were rejected by their families because of their identity were more likely than their LGBT peers who were not rejected or only mildly rejected by their families to attempt suicide, report high levels of depression, use illegal drugs, or be at risk for HIV and sexually transmitted illnesses. The American Psychological Association literature review found that reparative therapy is associated with the loss of sexual feeling, depression, anxiety, and suicidality.”

American Psychiatric Association

“Psychotherapeutic modalities to convert or ‘repair’ homosexuality are based on developmental theories whose scientific validity is questionable. Furthermore, anecdotal reports of ‘cures’ are counterbalanced by anecdotal claims of psychological harm. In the last four decades, ‘reparative’ therapists have not produced any rigorous scientific research to substantiate their claims of cure. Until there is such research available, [the American Psychiatric Association] recommends that ethical practitioners refrain from attempts to change individuals’ sexual orientation, keeping in mind the medical dictum to first, do no harm.

The potential risks of reparative therapy are great, including depression, anxiety and self-destructive behavior, since therapist alignment with societal prejudices against homosexuality may reinforce self-hatred already experienced by the patient. Many patients who have undergone reparative therapy relate that they were inaccurately told that homosexuals are lonely, unhappy individuals who never achieve acceptance or satisfaction. The possibility that the person might achieve happiness and satisfying interpersonal relationships as a gay man or lesbian is not presented, nor are alternative approaches to dealing with the effects of societal stigmatization discussed.

Therefore, the American Psychiatric Association opposes any psychiatric treatment such as reparative or conversion therapy which is based upon the assumption that homosexuality per se is a mental disorder or based upon the a priori assumption that a patient should change his/her sexual homosexual orientation.”

In June Ontario banned this  “conversion therapy” for LGBT children when it passed the Affirming Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Act.

About time!

Stigma with LGBT. This stigma creates a new stigma, one with mental health issues.

We can eliminate these mental health issues simply, just stop creating them.

Stress associated with homosexuality discrimination which is not a mental disorder, but the stress created from discrimination can create one. Two, or more. Anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD ….

Homophobia, this may soon become categorized as a mental disorder. Something to ponder.



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Of course, I come from an era when gay relationships were illegal if you were under 21, which I was when I accepted my sexuality. Only a handful of years earlier, it was still illegal to have any kind of “homosexual relationship” and people went to prison each year for the crime. “Queer bashing” was rife in those days and most people thought it was perfectly acceptable to victimise and assault gay people.

    I grew up secretly believing I was disgusting, perverted, and sinning against God. It didn’t even cross my mind that there was other people out there who were just like me. By the time I realised my sexuality, I was working as Youth Worker for the Church of Scotland, but living the lie wasn’t an option for me. The church I was connected to were Pentecostal orientated and anything outside their belief system were evil spirits. Feeling attracted to the same sex was the devil himself and there was no middle ground, ever.

    Same sex marriage is now legal in England, although not so in Scotland or Wales. They have Civil Partnerships, which are identical in law as marriage itself and need the exact same divorce proceedings. I cannot tell you how it feels to see same sex couples walk hand in hand or have a kiss when they meet or depart. It makes all those years of heartache and rejections feel worthwhile. And I was going to write a post about it, but here I have on YOUR blog!

    • 🙂

      Write the post Cat.

      Society has come a long way, and it seems it is taking larger steps now. There is still a long way to go though. So write the post, make more aware. Get people talking. Thinking.
      Lets make the new norm, acceptance. Remove all the pressures associated with coming out, with living the life, with the word marriage.

      Maybe I will have less patients one day. I could take up golf?

  2. Really interesting to read this as a straight Christian. I guess that I kind of opt out of thinking about it all because I’m a little removed from it.
    I am uncomfortable in debates about this. I don’t want to be forced to fall on one side of the fence… Many people would demand that I do… that I do have an opinion, that I do make a decision about what I think, that I do either condone or condemn…
    I don’t know if it comes from being frightened of treading on people’s toes or whether my wariness around the issue is a genuine reluctance to make such a judgement call… but here’s where I stand.

    I know that the bible quite clearly shows that God isn’t too pleased about gay sex,, but then He’s not keen on ANY kind of sexual ‘immorality’. I realise that Paul was particularly damning about it…
    In terms of people being ‘cured’ of ‘gayness’, I think the church gets a lot of criticism partly because it fails to communicate that there is truth in the fact that some people have a range of issues associated with their sexuality and that those issues often stem from any number of sexually abusive encounters in the past. As with any past trauma, The Church (eg the people) offer to pray for healing.
    This often gets translated (not just by society, but by Christians /The Church itself) as “We are praying that you’ll be healed of homosexuality”.
    For me, I’m afraid that I can’t and I won’t be black and white.on the issue of gay marriage or homosexuality. I refuse to make a call on its rightness or wrongness. I have gay friends and straight friends and I love them for their warmth and their charisma. I won’t judge.
    Is that opting out?

    Sorry this is so long. I had no intention of writing a whole post.
    Thanks for making me stop and think.


    • Thought leads to thoughtfulness. Everyone is entitled to their religious beliefs. I will always defend this, always.
      Their religious beliefs, their God, their religion, is however, theirs. The LGBT community is not asking them to join in their marriage, their life style. They just want to live it.

      You can not be healed from Homosexuality, it is not an illness.

      You have gay friends, and straight friends, you love. This is enough.

      All anyone wants is to be treated as equals.


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